Sustainable aid directly in the earthquake area: MediaMarktSaturn supports mobile education trucks in Turkey

In February 2023, an earthquake destroyed large parts of south-eastern Turkey. MediaMarktSaturn and the Turkish subsidary responded immediately and sent first relief supplies by truck to the affected regions. MediaMarktSaturn decided to expand its aid there on a sustainable basis.

To do this, the company entered into a partnership with TEGV (Turkey Education Volunteers Foundation). TEGV is one of the best-known NGOs that are experts in providing various educational programs for children in need, especially in disaster areas. They have their own program with mobile education units called "Fireflies". In the second half of 2023 MediaMarktSaturn expanded these mobile educational units for children with four themed MediaMarkt trucks and various learning modules in the areas of informatics, art and creativity. The support is planned over four years, the company aims to reach more than 24.000 children, and it includes the trucks as well as all the necessary technical equipment, aids and the educational program. 

“It is important to us to be directly and sustainably involved in our social commitments and donations - both on the company side and in the many campaigns initiated by our employees. We are therefore very happy that we can now further expand our support there,” says Karsten Wildberger, CEO of MediaMarktSaturn.

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