Corporate News: Sustainable retail: Additional recommerce offer at MediaMarktSaturn reduces electronic waste and CO2 emissions

MediaMarktSaturn continues to expand its range of recommerce solutions: From now on, customers can benefit from a sell-back service for numerous electronic devices – both in store and online. Europe’s biggest consumer electronics retailer is cooperating here with Foxway, the leading recommerce company. The company is thus expanding its buyback offerings. With this form of circular economy, MediaMarktSaturn intends to make a significant contribution to the reduction of electronic waste and CO2 emissions. The initiatives are an important component of the extensive company-wide sustainability initiative “BetterWay”.

“Trade-in solutions for used electronic devices offer advantages for consumers and the environment alike. First of all, our customers receive an attractive buyback premium when trading in their devices. At the same time, we significantly reduce electronic waste and CO2 emissions through refurbishing and recycling. The cooperation also strengthens our Services & Solutions business. Foxway is a very experienced and renowned specialist in the field of recommerce, whose solutions are scalable and thus be expanded even further in the future,” explains Christian Casado Alegre, Vice President Services & Solutions at the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group.

Thanks to the cooperation with Foxway, customers can now trade their mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, cameras and consoles – regardless of age and condition – for gift vouchers at MediaMarkt and Saturn stores and online shops in Germany, Austria, Italy and Sweden. The company is thus complementing its existing recommerce offers. In 2020/21 alone, over 30,000 devices were purchased and either refurbished or recycled.

MediaMarktSaturn on the “Better Way”

MediaMarktSaturn counts sustainability among the cornerstones of its strategic advancement. For years, the company has pursued a far-reaching sustainability strategy with clear goals. Since the spring, all offers and activities in this area have been bundled under the “BetterWay” logo. In addition to the circular economy (repairing, refurbishing, recycling), the company is also taking great strides on the “Better Way” in many other areas. The company already obtains over 80 percent of the electricity it uses from renewable energies. The aim is to achieve 100 percent by 2023. By 2023, the number of sustainable products in the range will also be doubled to more than 2,000. In addition, the company is continuously reducing its CO2 emissions and packaging waste.

All progress made by the Group in the area of sustainability is published transparently in CECONOMY AG’s annual non-financial statement.

Further information about the “BetterWay” measures and initiatives can be found on the MediaMarktSaturn website or the CECONOMY AG website.

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