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Wirecard is a member of the Retailtech Hub

Focus on innovative payment solutions

Wirecard is a member of the Retailtech Hub

The Retailtech Hub has a new partner. The digital innovation platform, which was initiated by MediaMarktSaturn and Plug and Play, is now working with Wirecard alongside well-known market leaders such as Lidl and s.Oliver. Wirecard is a leading global innovation driver for digital financial technology. We talked about the new partnership with Thorsten Marquardt, Managing Director of the Retailtech Hub, and Jörn Leogrande, EVP Wirecard Labs.

MediaMarktsaturn (MMS): Mr. Leogrande, why did you decide to join the Retailtech Hub?

Leogrande: One of our core objectives at Wirecard is to promote innovation and shape the future of the retail industry around financial transactions. The Retailtech Hub offers us exciting approaches for establishing new business models and further developing innovative technologies.
I look forward to providing growth impetus for the global portfolio of our Wirecard platform. This includes a lively exchange with other corporate partners and exciting start-ups in order to jointly drive digital transformation in global commerce. By working together in the Retailtech Hub, we will reach out to entirely new innovators and be able to support even more ideas that could change the world with us.

MMS: What can you contribute to the Retailtech Hub?

Leogrande: Since our inception two decades ago, we have played a critical role in helping and supporting start-ups - not just in digital payments, but across the entire spectrum of digital financial technology. We know what matters and can support new start-ups with our experience and expertise.

"Together, we want to drive digital transformation in global commerce."
Jörn Leogrande, EVP Wirecard Labs.

MMS: Mr. Marquardt, why is Wirecard an interesting partner?

Marquardt: The Dax company occupies an enormously strong position in the processing of financial transactions in the market. In addition, Wirecard is still a very young and highly innovative company from Munich.

MMS: To what extent does the Retailtech Hub benefit from this?

Marquardt: Wirecard will provide us with new impetus, because payment transactions play an enormously important role in retail innovation. They are an important criterion for our customers and they are becoming increasingly digital, or run directly via the mobile phone. Wirecard is therefore very interested in learning more about new technologies and innovations for payment in the retail sector. Wirecard is very innovative and has been driving cooperation with startups for years. This makes them just the right partner for us.


The picture shows (from left) Claudius Jablonka (Plug and Play), Nadine Bruder (Wirecard) and Thorsten Marquardt (Retailtech Hub) at the Expo Day of the Retailtech Hub at the beginning of April.

Retailtech Hub Expo Day

High above the rooftops of Munich with a view of the Cathedral of Our Dear Lady, the third batch of the Retailtech Hub concluded on 20 November with Expo Day. A total of nine startups showcased their ideas and solutions for digital retail in the stylish new district of Werksviertel and presented their joint pilot projects with the Retailtech Hub’s partners.