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Our Sustainable Engagement in a video

Wir meinen es ernst mit der Nachhaltigkeit. Daher hat sich unser Unternehmen dem Global Compact angeschlossen und den nachhaltigen Entwicklungsziele (SDGs) der Vereinten Nationen verpflichtet. Um zu zeigen, wie das genau aussieht und unser Commitment zu den Vereinten Nationen zu untermauern, uns an einer Filmserie beteiligt.

Cashierless payment starts now

Gerade in der Vorweihnachtszeit bilden sich an den Kassen oft lange Schlangen. Das kostet den Kunden Zeit und den Handel bares Geld, denn viele Kunden entschließen sich aufgrund der langen Wartezeit gegen den Kauf. Saturn schafft Abhilfe: Seit Anfang des Jahres werden Angebote zum Mobile Self-Checkout getestet. Mit „SATURN Smartpay“ wird im Saturn Hamburg Altstadt das Bezahlen per Smartphone erstmals flächendeckend in einem deutschen Markt eingeführt. Ab sofort können Saturn-Kunden im größten Elektronikmarkt der Welt nahezu alle Produkte direkt am Regal bezahlen.

LEDs: Maximum sustainability

The light bulb is dead. The energy-saving bulb is on the way out. The future belongs to the LED! And for good reason, for LED lights are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. What’s more, LEDS from our own brand ISY are produced under fair working conditions, making them triply sustainable!

Retailtech Hub Expo Day

High above the rooftops of Munich with a view of the Cathedral of Our Dear Lady, the third batch of the Retailtech Hub concluded on 20 November with Expo Day. A total of nine startups showcased their ideas and solutions for digital retail in the stylish new district of Werksviertel and presented their joint pilot projects with the Retailtech Hub’s partners.

Offline customers seek information online

When experts discuss the future of retail, there’s a sharp clash of opinions. Some claim that in future, people will only shop online, while others still think the internet is totally overrated. In a survey conducted together with Google researchers of the market research institute GfK have now explored how customers themselves use both channels before making a purchase, i.e. when deciding what to buy.

Organize your fridge properly

Fill your fridge correctly – and you’ll ensure that your groceries last as long as possible and preserve their flavour. As each type of food requires specific storage conditions, each part of the refrigerator isn’t equally suitable for all types of food. In addition, a well-sorted fridge consumes less electricity, protecting the environment and saving money into the bargain.

Data Protection Team wins JUVE Award

MediaMarktSaturn’s Data Protection Team recently won the coveted JUVE Award in the category ‘In-House Team of the Year’. According to the jury: “Their far-sighted planning and implementation didn’t go unnoticed by their competitors, either. And given the recent restructuring of the Legal Department, the issue of data protection has become even more important.” The JUVE Award is presented annually by JUVE, a publisher specializing in legal affairs.

Scrum is on the agenda

They sit together and work together and everyone has a very specific role - for the employees at MediaMarktSaturn Technology, working in so-called Product Teams is nothing new. It’s the core element of the collaborative unit known as a ‘Scrum’, which is intended to create synergy and enable teams to develop solutions quickly and independently. 

Package delivery made easy

“When’s my parcel finally going to arrive?” This is the main question people ask after ordering something online. To make sure customers always know exactly where their parcel is, the online shops of MediaMarkt and Saturn in Germany are now collaborating with the Munich startup parcelLab. 

Saturn tests cashierless payments

Queuing up at the checkout is now a thing of the past! Following the huge success of Saturn’s pilot project with Europe’s first self-checkout consumer electronics store in Austria, the company is now also testing mobile payments in Germany. Customers can now pay for selected products from the headphone department at Saturn’s store in Munich’s biggest shopping centre PEP using the app SATURN Smartpay.

MediaMarktSaturn becomes first European consumer electronics retailer to join United Nations sustainability network

MediaMarktSaturn has become the first European consumer electronics retailer to join the United Nations Global Compact. The UNGC is the world’s biggest initiative for sustainable, responsible corporate governance.

Retailtech Hub launches third round

On 21 June, 32 start-ups from around the world presented their ideas on Selection Day at the Retailtech Hub. Eleven of them particularly impressed the jury and are now entering the third round of the innovation platform, implemented in tandem with the Plug and Play Tech Center.

Engagement in ice hockey: Saturn equips ERC

That's how the ERC plays in the coming season: In the Westpark the ERC Ingolstadt presented its new jerseys. The home jersey is in a rich dark blue, the away jersey is classic white.