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Relocating a legend

World’s first MediaMarkt celebrates its reopening

Relocating a legend - World’s first MediaMarkt celebrates its reopening


In both Germany and eleven other European countries, MediaMarkt is one of the most successful retail companies in recent history. Its 270 stores in Germany and 870 across Europe speak for themselves. But where did its success story begin 42 years ago? It was November 1979 when the very first MediaMarkt store opened at Euro-Industriepark in the leafy Munich district of Schwabing-Freimann. The whole city was amazed! Thousands of people made their way to see something that was unprecedented: an electrical superstore. The huge selection of televisions, washing machines and many other electrical items on sale at knockdown prices attracted customers in droves. Now, almost exactly 42 years later, the world’s first MediaMarkt is moving into its new home – at virtually the same location, just on the other side of the road. The grand reopening of this store embodying MediaMarkt’s sensational success like no other was celebrated on 4 November at no 6 Maria-Probst-Strasse.

How can the brand’s unprecedented growth be explained? It’s all quite simple: MediaMarkt has always had its finger on the pulse and kept pace with rapid technological change, as reflected in its constant stream of new product categories:. bulky tube televisions were replaced by elegant flatscreen TVs, while things like smartphones, laptops and video games were undreamt of in 1979. Over the years, the thousands of different items stocked have multiplied into hundreds of thousands. MediaMarkt’s local stores were and still are trendsetters as far as product presentation is concerned – indeed, they’re veritable showcases of innovation! What’s more, public buying behaviour has also changed, in some cases considerably. Nevertheless, MediaMarkt has always anticipated these changes – for example, by integrating its bricks-and-mortar stores with the MediaMarkt webshop. MediaMarkt’s high customer focus is also mirrored in the wide range of product-related services as well as access to finance on favourable terms.

Totally new store concept

True to the motto ‘retail is change’, MediaMarkt today fronts a shopping experience that invites customers to immerse themselves in fascinating product worlds where they can try out and compare the various offerings. This shopping experience also includes a clear store layout, modern product displays, electronic shelf labels, ground-breaking information and checkout systems, as well as detailed advice and friendly service. The move created an opportunity to update the store concept. Featuring an even clearer thematic structure, the new store at Euro-Industriepark has been adapted to this new concept from the ground up. Such major alterations and improvements would only have been possible at the old location with considerable effort and expense, and although the store could have remained open throughout this time, it would have meant many months of disruption for both customers and staff.

Product diversity on 3,000 square metres

The new store also has many other advantages. The size of the display and sales area has been increased to around 3,000 square metres. And the fact that it’s now at ground level makes for faster, more convenient customer access.