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Number one in first place

First MediaMarkt to receive Google Omnichannel Award

Number one in first place - First MediaMarkt to receive Google Omnichannel Award

What a special moment for the employees of MediaMarkt at the Euroindustriepark in Munich. Along with high praise for their outstanding performance, the entire team was awarded the trophy for first place in the Google Omnichannel Excellence Study (GOES). The very first MediaMarkt in the company's history was honored for its excellent omnichannel integration and exemplary in-store service.

It had already been announced in April that MediaMarktSaturn had been awarded first place for MediaMarkt and fourth place for Saturn in the Google Omnichannel Excellence Study (GOES) conducted by Google and the German Retail Association (HDE) for its excellent integration of all sales channels. At the award ceremony, however, the focus was not on the company but on the employees, whose outstanding performance was the key to MediaMarkt's first place success.

The creators of the Omnichannel Excellence Study evaluated the customer experience of 52 retail companies from all over Germany based on 43 individual criteria.  The focus was on five basic principles: "flexible", "consistent", "informative", "convenient" and "personalized. In addition, 2,000 customers from Germany were asked about their shopping expectations in a representative survey.

MediaMarkt Munich-Euroindustriepark was also tested according to these criteria - without the company or the store being informed, of course. And the store was convincing across the board.

"The company's clear omnichannel orientation is immediately noticeable in the store. The separate area for Click&Collect orders, the QR codes everywhere for smartphone integration and the electronic price tags show the close connection between the digital and analog worlds at MediaMarkt. At the same time, the store shone through its employees. Picking up ordered goods, ordering for home delivery or even returns were never a problem and were handled quickly, professionally and in a very friendly manner," summarizes Judith Büchl, Omnichannel Retail Lead at Google and Study Director at GOES.

For Florian Turba, Managing Director of MediaMarkt Munich-Euroindustriepark, the award was a special honor.

"When we first heard about the award in the GOES study, we were not aware that our store had been studied by Google and was largely responsible for the ranking. I am very proud of my team for achieving such a high ranking shortly after moving into the new location. We have impressively proven that we are not only the oldest but also the most modern MediaMarkt," said Florian Turba, Managing Director of MediaMarkt München-Euroindustriepark.

For more information on the GOES study, click here.

From left to right: Judith Büchl, Omnichannel Retail Lead Google; Moritz Habermann, Global Account Lead Google; Florian Turba, Managing Director MediaMarkt München-Euroindustriepark