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Never be on hold again

Pilot project successful

Never be on hold again

Who doesn't know that: You call a call center and hang up in the queue. Thanks to intelligent waiting and callback management, this should now be a thing of the past. MediaMarktSaturn has launched a pilot project - with success.

According to a study, 87% of German callers only accept a maximum waiting time of three or less minutes. "In fact, even in our call centers there are significant peak times during which only a fraction of customers can be put through directly to a consultant. Other times of day, on the other hand, are hardly used to capacity - which the customer of course does not know," explains Michael Chriske of PowerService GmbH, a subsidiary of MediaMarktSaturn Germany. "This is exactly what we wanted to counteract in cooperation with the startup virtualQ." 

virtualQ's waiting and callback management technology is intended to better distribute peak and idle times and thus optimize capacity utilization in the service center. In concrete terms, this means that if, for example, a customer calls during peak hours and the call center is overloaded, virtualQ offers him an automatic callback as soon as a customer advisor becomes available in the foreseeable future. This should not only make customers more satisfied in the long term, but also relieve the call center staff and ultimately save costs by making better use of resources.

"We are happy to call you back": The first pilot project has started

Employees of N3XT and PowerService GmbH started a first, three-month pilot project at the beginning of April 2019 to put virtualQ's technology to the test live. "Since this topic offers a lot of potential in principle, we wanted to launch a first pilot as soon as possible - and preferably well before the rush to Black Friday. Although VirtualQ was still very fresh on the market at the time, it convinced us immediately with the quality and flexibility of its product," says Sonja Moosburger, Managing Director of MediaMarktSaturn N3XT GmbH.

And the pilot was a success. The technology had already proven itself after the first month and the Easter business. The figures clearly show that 48% of all waiting customers used the service, reducing the waiting time of MediaMarkt and Saturn customers by 3,479 hours per month and the idle time of employees by around 1,000 hours. For this reason, the cooperation with virtualQ will be continued after the pilot.

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Retailtech Hub enters fifth round

Hundreds of startups fight for entry into the Retailtech Hub in every new round. The fifth batch starts on 25 June - 12 applicants have met the strict selection criteria and are working together with partners such as MediaMarktSaturn on exciting innovations for the retail sector. The criteria are, for example, the expertise of the start-ups, the cooperation within the team and the probability for the retail partners to tackle a pilot project with the start-ups.

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