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MediaMarktSaturn even stronger positioned in logistics segment

New MegaCenter in Greven supports omnichannel solutions

MediaMarktSaturn even stronger positioned in logistics segment

The new logistics centre in Greven is a gigantic 90,000 square metres - equivalent to an area of over 12 football pitches. On 30 August, operator Fiege reopened the MegaCenter. MediaMarktSaturn is the largest customer. 

Whether on their home computers, on the road via apps, in the virtual world or in the local store: MediaMarkt and Saturn customers have access to the entire product portfolio at all times, can move across all sales channels and shop anywhere or make use of services. 

"Functioning and agile logistics is therefore one of the most important elements in e-commerce. The products not only have to find their way from A to B, they also have to take it faster and faster," says Thomas Heinicke, Head of Logistics at MediaMarktSaturn Germany, at the official opening of the e-commerce MegaCenter in Greven-Reckenfeld on August 30. 

The customer wants to be supplied faster and faster and at the desired time. This requires an efficient infrastructure and, last but not least, reliable partners. 

MediaMarktSaturn uses five warehouses throughout Germany

For MediaMarktSaturn, Fiege, one of the leading logistics providers in Europe, has been a partner for online trading in Germany since 2012. MediaMarktSaturn currently uses five warehouses throughout Germany, four of which are operated by Fiege: Erfurt, Lehre, Cologne and Reckenfeld.  

The new warehouse in Greven-Reckenfeld is the largest of these. Fiege has invested around 50 million euros in the expansion from the original 30,000 to 90,000 square meters, in new automation technology and a lot of IT. In the high season, up to 600 people are to work in the centre. 

The expansion of logistics is only one measure to adapt to the growing e-commerce business. "We are continuing to expand our online and above all mobile presence and are continuously working on our multichannel strategy," says Heinicke. In the 2017/2018 financial year, the online sales of the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group amounted to EUR 2.6 billion (in comparison: total sales amounted to EUR 21 billion). 

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The place where half a million products are stored

With just one click, the television is ordered in Saturn's online shop, and shortly afterwards it is freshly packed and waiting to be picked up at the store or brought to the customer's front door. The customer doesn't notice what happens in between. For this reason, we accompanied a parcel on its way - and drove to our logistics center in Erfurt.