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In Italy it's now "Made for me"

MediaWorld presents its new campaign

In Italy it's now "Made for me"

Crazy things happen in Italy. Instead of a laptop the colleague in the office suddenly unfolds a red M, at the subway station people wear headphones with a red M and instead of a camera - one already suspects it - a red M is pulled out. There's no question about it: the red M, or inverted W, which stands for MediaWorld - as MediaMarkt is called in Italy - is omnipresent.

This is precisely the aim of the new campaign, which was launched in Italy at the beginning of June. It bears the title "Made for me" ("Fatto apposta per me").

"Our long-term goal is to create a new retail model both online and in the store, in which the customer is accompanied in choosing the ideal solution," says Giuseppe Cunetta, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer of MediaWorld Italy.
The main message: MediaWorld is the daily and personal companion of people when it comes to finding the right technologies and individual solutions. As soon as a customer wants to buy a technical product, the first thing that should come to his mind is the MediaWorld brand.  

This is how the idea for the campaign came about, in which all the technical devices were associated with the initials M and W. The idea for the campaign was born. In this way, the letters are to be turned into symbols of the entertaining and carefree relationship between people and technology.
The campaign, which was accompanied by the song "What a Wonderful World" in the rock version by Joey Ramone, will be broadcast on Italian television on 8 June.

This video was shown in advance on the Internet to arouse curiosity about the new campaign.

And here's the official spot.

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