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How intelligent parcel communication works

Successful cooperation with startup parcelLab

How intelligent parcel communication works

Anyone who places an order in the MediaMarkt and Saturn online shop is not left alone after clicking the Buy button. From now on, customers will be closely informed by e-mail about the status of their order. This not only reduces the call center's workload, but also significantly increases sales.

According to a survey by Statista, almost every third online customer is dissatisfied with their shopping experience because they were not convinced by the way the goods were shipped. MediaMarkt and Saturn took advantage of this opportunity to set themselves apart from the competition with a perfect user experience and redesigned their entire post-checkout experience.

With the help of parcelLab, the Munich-based specialist for mail order communication, MediaMarkt and Saturn now closely accompany their customers after clicking the buy button. parcelLab was a participant in the first round of the Retailtech Hub, MediaMarktSaturn's startup program and Plug and Play.

Information on the day of delivery

On the day of delivery, MediaMarkt informs its customers in which delivery window the DHL courier will ring. Customers who are not at home at this time can select a different delivery option with a click of the mouse. Anyone who has missed the courier will be informed about pick-up options. A few days after receipt of the parcel, the customer will be asked by e-mail for an evaluation of the online shop.

In order to make shipping an experience for the customer, MediaMarkt and Saturn only have to transmit their shipment data to parcelLab in accordance with DSGVO. All relevant information is then automatically read out there. Then parcelLab's intelligent data layer validates the shipment data, combines it with the shipping information of the logisticians and then automatically sends shipping messages directly to the customer.

"Together with parcelLab, we have created an additional communication and marketing channel that is very well received by our customers," explains Marius Lückemeyer, Chief Digital Officer at MediaMarktSaturn Germany. The figures prove him right: the average opening rate of mailings is 71 percent. In this way, MediaMarkt succeeded in generating 3.53 million additional customer contacts to the MediaMarkt and Saturn brands in November/December 2018 alone.

Call center is relieved

In addition, MediaMarkt relieves the call center with its proactive dispatch communication. "A very common reason why customers call the call center is the question of when the parcel arrives. Through the intelligent parcel communication of parcelLab we can significantly reduce these requests", says Lückemeyer.

parcelLab co-founder Tobias Buxhoidt is convinced: "When customers order online, they want to receive their parcel as quickly and conveniently as possible. If that doesn't work, it falls back on the retailer. With an intelligent dispatch communication that informs the customer at any time about the whereabouts of his parcel, merchants can give customers the safe and good feeling that the merchant will not leave them alone even after clicking on the buy button during the waiting period.
The success story in the video:

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