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First aid for fully automatic coffee machines

A look behind the scenes at the competence centre in Heilbronn

First aid for fully automatic coffee machines

Leaving the house without coffee in the morning? For coffee lovers a thing of impossibility. All the more annoying when the beloved fully automatic machine goes on strike. But there is help: MediaMarkt and Saturn repair fully automatic coffee machines qualitatively, quickly and at a fixed price. In their own competence center in Heilbronn, with trained specialists. We have taken a look behind the scenes. 

Fully automatic coffee machines - wherever the eye goes. In the over 1000 square metre workshop in Heilbronn, they stand on trolleys, sorted by manufacturer, and are ready to be repaired. In the morning, they were delivered by a UPS truck and inspected in detail in the incoming goods department. Then they go to the trained specialists. On the same day, the vending machines are to go through the first processes. In figures, this means that on average around 200-250 machines are repaired - every day.  

"Our location is characterised by the experience and quality that we offer here. We have been repairing fully automatic coffee machines for almost 20 years. In the course of the years a very large specialized knowledge grows in such a way, which is constantly passed on, says plant manager Andreas Stoltenfeldt. "One of our specialties is cleaning, which takes place at the end of the process with a special ultrasonic bath. This enables us to achieve the highest possible degree of cleaning - and at the end the customer receives a machine that ensures the best taste of the coffee".   

What can be done to ensure that the fully automatic coffee machine works for as long as possible? Senior team leader Talip Kaya has a few tips: "Care and maintenance are important so that our customers can enjoy the coffee machine and its taste for a long time to come. This also includes revising the brewing group - i.e. disassembling and cleaning it - so that it runs smoothly and the coffee tastes good. Modern vending machines have milk systems that also have to be cleaned. These include the milk frother and the milk nozzle. And of course such vending machines have to be maintained and serviced regularly - preferably by us, because they are professionally prepared here." 

Myths around the topic of cleaning 

A lot of myths are circulating about cleaning. "I've heard of maintenance-free machines. But they don't exist. All machines should definitely be serviced and cleaned because they come into contact with food. Germs and mould can form quickly. Without maintenance, coffee won't taste good any more," explains Talip Kaya. 

"A second myth is that water from the supermarket does not cause machines to calcify. That's not true. Minerals are also contained in purchased water. These minerals are deposited in the waterways and blockages occur." 

So the specialists from Heilbronn are in demand and they will not run out of work so quickly: "Our vision is to further expand the area of fully automatic coffee machines in order to be able to offer our customers real added value.  Maintenance is also a big issue. We have been growing very strongly for over four years and will certainly continue to grow and be able to satisfy many customers," says Andreas Stoltenfeldt. 
Further information on service and sustainability can be found here.

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