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Exchange small change for voucher

Pilot project with Coindrum at MediaMarkt and Saturn

Exchange small change for voucher

A full piggy bank or preserving jar simply makes you happy - until the moment when you want to exchange your savings. Because fees are often due for this. A worthwhile alternative is provided by the new "Münzlos-Glücklich" vending machine, which was installed in three MediaMarkt stores and one Saturn store and will be tested in a pilot in the coming months.

Anyone shopping in the MediaMarkt Henstedt-Ulzburg, Berlin-Hohenschönhausen and Berlin-Ahrensfelde or in Saturn in Norderstedt has been discovering a new vending machine for a few days: the "Münzlos-Glücklich" vending machine. Here, customers receive a MediaMarkt or Saturn gift card in the amount of the money thrown in without any deduction. The coins are counted automatically, then the amount is electronically entered on the coupon the size of a credit card. With the new coin-operated vending machine, MediaMarkt and Saturn are further expanding their range of services for customers.

The cooperation took place with the company Coindrum. The Irish startup is a participant in the fifth batch in the Retailtech Hub
Particularly practical: the cashless gift coupon is valid indefinitely and can be used at any time for purchases in all German Media Markt stores.
The "Münzlos-Glücklich" vending machine at MediaMarkt Berlin-Ahrensfelde:

Retailtech Hub enters fifth round

Hundreds of startups fight for entry into the Retailtech Hub in every new round. The fifth batch starts on 25 June - 12 applicants have met the strict selection criteria and are working together with partners such as MediaMarktSaturn on exciting innovations for the retail sector. The criteria are, for example, the expertise of the start-ups, the cooperation within the team and the probability for the retail partners to tackle a pilot project with the start-ups.