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E-scooter test, electric bicycles and seedbombs

MediaMarktSaturn holds Sustainability Week

E-scooter test, electric bicycles and seedbombs


The World Environment Day on 5 June is accompanied annually by 150 states with numerous actions on the subject of environmental protection and nature conservation. MediaMarktSaturn dedicates a whole week to this day and offers its employees on campus numerous activities and lectures on the topic of sustainability in the first week of June.

Sustainability plays an important role at MediaMarktSaturn: in order to be successful in the long term, the company must harmonize its activities along the entire value chain with the ecological, social and legal framework conditions. MediaMarktSaturn links its business model with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

The Sustainability Week kicked off on Monday with the motto: Power and Energy at MediaMarktSaturn. For two years now, MediaMarktSaturn has been purchasing certified green electricity from 100% German hydropower for its stores in Germany.  

Tobias Brunnhuber, Energy Management Officer at MediaMarktSaturn Germany, explained why green electricity is so important for MediaMarktSaturn. By purchasing green electricity alone, MediaMarktSaturn improves its CO2 balance by more than 50 percent. The reason: currently, more than half of the operational greenhouse gas emissions are accounted for by electricity consumption.

In addition to systematic energy management, the purchase of green electricity is thus one of the most important measures within the framework of MediaMarktSaturn's climate protection strategy.

Employees were even allowed to generate electricity on campus. There, they were allowed to pedal their electric bicycles.   

On the following days, the employees had a weekly market with various exhibitors, seedballs (seedbombs) for the garden and e-scooters and e-bikes to try out, as well as lectures on the topics of repairs and biodiversity. The employees received exciting insights into the work of a start-up during a lecture by Andreas Mall and Paul Pizzinini, who founded the start-up Camperboys

Further information on repair at MediaMarktSaturn can be found here (repairing electrical goods) and here. (repairing coffee machines).


A television team from INTV was on site at the start of the Sustainability Week. You can see the video here.

Impressions from the Sustainability Week:

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Sustainability at MediaMarktSaturn


Too good for the bin: How repairing electrical goods benefits sustainability

MediaMarkt and Saturn are offering customers more and more repair services. Mobile phones can be repaired while you wait, fully automatic coffee machines can be fixed, and there’s even a call-out service for washing machines. But why do we carry out repairs in the first place? Because it boosts customer satisfaction and protects the environment.


Coffee machine saviours

Whenever the coffeemaker packs up, it’s a terrible start to the day. But even the best machines sometimes stop working for no apparent reason. Coffee and espresso machines have to withstand all sorts of stress: a pressure of 15 bars, continuous use at maximum temperatures, and a grinder that places enormous strain on the motor every single day. But if your coffee machine breaks down, do you always have to throw it away and buy a new one? Thankfully, no, because repairs are now all part of the service at MediaMarkt and Saturn.


“Some environment-friendly energy, please!” This is how we buy electricity at MediaMarktSaturn

Since 2017 MediaMarktSaturn (MMS) procures certified green electricity produced from 100% German hydropower for its stores in Germany. Unlike private households, MMS does not pay standard tariffs to the utility company, but instead buys directly from the energy market via the utility companies. Tobias Brunnhuber, Energy Management Officer at MediaMarktSaturn Germany, describes how this “energy trading” works and why green power is so important for the company.

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