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Contribution to a safe winter

MediaMarktSaturn introduces energy-saving measures at all stores in Germany

Contribution to a safe winter: MediaMarktSaturn introduces energy-saving measures at all stores in Germany

In the midst of the energy crisis, it is still uncertain how the winter in Germany will turn out. This is why, more than ever, everyone is called upon to contribute to a stable energy supply and to save energy wherever possible. Back in the summer, MediaMarktSaturn drew up a catalogue of energy-saving measures and tested them in a pilot project. Over a period of 60 days, various measures were implemented in around 60 stores across Germany. The test has now been completed and the results analyzed. As a result, the most effective measures will be rolled out to all stores nationwide. The money saved as a result of the energy measures will directly benefit the employees.

Gas shortages, possible overloading of the power grids - various scenarios point to a tense situation in Germany this winter. MediaMarktSaturn was quick to consider how the company could make its contribution to securing the energy supply. In August, the company launched the "60-Days-60-Stores" energy-saving test. The aim was to test certain energy-saving measures in selected stores in Germany over a defined period of time and to check their efficiency. These included reducing indoor and outdoor lighting and adjusting room temperatures in summer and winter.

Two measures proved to be particularly sustainable in terms of thermal and electrical energy savings: The first was to reduce the room temperature by two degrees Celsius, and the second was to limit the use of televisions in the sales area. Both measures will be implemented immediately in all stores in Germany.

In addition, stores have the option, individually at their discretion and depending on local conditions, to take additional measures such as turning off selected escalators, reducing lighting, or adjusting opening hours. Of course, any equipment that has been turned off will be turned back on at the customer's request for test purposes, or the customer will be able to use the remote control to turn on the TVs. In general, all measures are planned in such a way that the shopping experience and the working conditions of the employees are not negatively affected.

To thank the employees for their support, each store employee will receive a special monthly payment from November 2022 to March 2023 based on the expected savings from the various measures. The basic idea is to pass on all savings from the various measures to all store employees on a 1:1 basis.