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Communication on progress online

Sustainable commitment at MediaMarktSaturn

Communication on progress online

What successes does MediaMarktSaturn have in terms of climate-damaging emissions? What is the company doing to enable customers to shop in an environmentally friendly way and what initiatives are there in our countries on the subject of sustainability? All of this is contained in the communication on progress, which annually highlights further developments and successes, and reports on challenges and solutions for the future.

Why such a report and what is behind it?

MediaMarktSaturn joined the UN Global Compact on 6 August 2018. The UN Global Compact is the largest and most important alliance for responsible corporate governance worldwide. The voluntary orientation to its ten principles aims to place the protection of human rights, the observance of international labor standards, and the promotion of environmental protection and anti-corruption at the heart of business activities worldwide. By joining the Global Compact, MediaMarktSaturn expressly supports these principles and reports annually on its measures and development.

MediaMarktSaturn focuses on the following seven areas: Sustainable innovations, sustainability in supplier management, sustainable products, sustainable logistics, sustainable stores, sustainable services and sustainability in stakeholder communication. In these areas there were some highlights in 2018/2019.

In terms of supplier management, for example, it has been achieved that transport packaging of private label products that is not absolutely necessary is avoided. Another important point is the adoption of the human rights policy of the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group.

In order to identify and reduce climate-damaging emissions, MediaMarktSaturn has expanded the scope of its data collection. Because only if you know the effects exactly, you can counteract them effectively. The report therefore deals for the first time with selected greenhouse gas emissions from upstream and downstream activities. In addition, a pilot project was carried out to record CO2 emissions in logistics at MediaSaturn Germany.

A particular success in the area of sustainable stores: the opening of the first LEED-certified store in Italy. And as far as services are concerned, the completed rollout for smart bars in every store as well as pilot projects with recycling machines for mobile phones at MediaMarkt and Saturn should be mentioned.

Detailed information can be found in the report.


Sustainability at MediaMarktSaturn