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Award-winning innovation unit

MediaMarktSaturn successful at the Digital Lab Summit

MediaMarktSaturn successful at the Digital Lab Summit

At the 2019 Capital Digital Lab Summit, our innovation unit N3XT was declared the best retailer. The quality of the ideas of its pilot projects and their advanced stage of development were singled out for special mention. The award was presented on Tuesday evening in Berlin.

Sonja Moosburger, COO of N3XT, is proud of the award. “My team and I are delighted about this great appraisal,” she declared. “It shows we’re on the right track with our scouting for new technologies and their rapid translation into concrete pilot projects.”

Since 2014, the N3XT innovation unit has been acting as a trend scout and test laboratory for the entire group. Asked about forthcoming products, Sonja Moosburger recently had this to say: “We’re working on a number of innovative ways to leverage new technology. For example, we’re currently fitting out a store in the Frankfurt region with all the technology related to location-based services. We’re also continuing to work on cashless payments, i.e. SmartPay, and positioning ourselves even more strongly in voice control.”

This is the third time that the annual Capital Digital Lab Awards have been presented to the best innovation labs in Berlin. The awards are an initiative by Capital magazine in conjunction with Infront Consulting & Management GmbH.

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