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On the way to more sustainability

On the "BetterWay" to more sustainability

As Europe's leading consumer electronics retailer, MediaMarktSaturn and CECONOMY AG also want to be a role model in the industry when it comes to sustainability - CEO Dr. Karsten Wildberger: "It is our responsibility as a company to make a relevant social contribution to sustainability."

Sustainability is one of the most important building blocks of corporate strategy for the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group and CECONOMY AG. All offers and activities in this area are now being bundled under the "BetterWay" logo. An initial review shows: MediaMarktSaturn is well on its way to enabling all its customers to live more sustainably with its offers and, at the same time, to making its business processes even more environmentally friendly, step by step.

"Sustainability is non-negotiable for us. We see our commitment as a corporate obligation to make a relevant contribution to society. At the same time, it is also a business opportunity," explains Dr. Karsten Wildberger, CEO of CECONOMY and MediaMarktSaturn. "We are well on the way here and have already set a number of things in place, for example with our private labels." For example, 97 percent of the production sites of MediaMarktSaturn's own brands have been audited in accordance with compliance with human and labor rights. The company also works very closely with suppliers and partners on sustainability issues.

MediaMarktSaturn is also making further progress in the environmental compatibility of its own business activities: the company already obtains over 80 percent of the electricity it uses from renewable energies. The aim is to achieve 100 percent by 2023.

"Sustainability is an increasingly important purchasing argument for our customers, and we are consistently gearing our offerings to this," says Wildberger. The company already offers a wide range of services that extend the service life of products. In addition, the company currently already has more than 1,200 sustainable products in its range. This number will grow continuously.

Products and services for more sustainability

Customers are able to recognize the sustainable products by the new green "BetterWay" logo. They can obtain detailed information on energy efficiency labels, disposal options for old appliances, or the resource-saving use of appliances online and from the specialist advisors in the stores. In Germany, the "BetterWay" logo can already be seen in the online stores of MediaMarkt and Saturn. All other countries where MediaMarktSaturn is represented will follow in the coming weeks.

MediaMarktSaturn and CECONOMY AG are increasingly focusing on sustainability not only in their product range, but also in the wider circular economy - for example, in repairs. In the past 2020/21 fiscal year alone, around million 2,6 appliances were repaired in repair shops across the group. A further 480,000 appliances with minor defects were quickly and competently restored at the SmartBars in the stores and taken away directly by customers. In total, around 11,000 tons of electronic waste were avoided.

And what if a device really has had its day? In addition to the smart phone buyback machines, MediaMarktSaturn also offers its customers a suitable service for exchanging devices for a voucher, for example. In 2020/21, over 30,000 devices were purchased and either refurbished or recycled. To ensure that customers can also use the sustainable electronics products with renewable energies, the company offers contracts for green electricity. Almost contracts 190.000 for green electricity were brokered in the past fiscal year.

Diversity as a success factor

Diversity is also part of the sustainability strategy of CECONOMY and MediaMarktSaturn. Diversity, as well as the targeted development and promotion of the around 52,000 employees across the Group, is a prerequisite for the company's success. The more diverse the competencies of employees, the more comprehensive the skills and knowledge within the company. At the end of the 2020/21 financial year, there were employees from 135 nations across the Group (2019/20: 128), while the share of women in the overall workforce was over 39 percent and is to be further increased, among other things through the "Women in Retail" initiative.

Further goals already defined

CECONOMY AG was one of the first European retail companies to join the "Green Consumption Pledge Initiative" in 2021. It is part of the European Climate Pact, in which companies pledge to participate in climate protection measures and make their contribution to a "green transformation". What this contribution looks like is specifically defined: MediaMarktSaturn, for example, will double the number of sustainable products in its range to over 2,000 by 2023. In addition, the company will continuously reduce its CO2 emissions and packaging waste and further optimize its circular economy (repairing, remanufacturing, recycling). MediaMarktSaturn will also expand the information and advice it offers its customers.

All progress made by the Group in the area of sustainability is published transparently in CECONOMY AG's annual non-financial statement.

Further information about the "BetterWay" measures and initiatives can be found on the MediaMarktSaturn website or the CECONOMY AG website.

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