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Technology makes customers happy

Podcast with CTO Atul Bhardwaj

Technology makes customers happy

Better product recommendations, faster delivery, and more tailor-made availability - Technology is becoming the main distinguishing feature between different retailers in the digital commerce world. As a result, MediaMarktSaturn is increasingly developing into a technology-driven company.

In the podcast by WimLex, the English counterpart of the e-commerce scene recognized Kassenzone podcasts, CTO Atul Bhardwaj explains why MediaMarktSaturn is implementing the technology transformation, now working 100 agile product teams on the retail of the future and what benefits the infrastructure on Google Cloud-based compared to classic solutions.

"The transformation that I am implementing is about the way we do technology: being more innovative, getting more out of it, and gaining pace.
In a simplistic form, our journey has two facets: one is the relationship between business and technology; the second one is technology itself", says Atul Bhardwaj.

With regard to technology transformation, it is particularly important to attract even more experts, according to the CTO. "Because we’re a complex multichannel organisation we have to think about our systems which operate online and in-store so that they work seamlessly; so we have a need for architecture, too. It’s about the balance between software developers, product managers, and system architects."

Atul Bhardwaj emphasizes the attractiveness of MediaMarktSaturn as an employer: "Actually, we are part of people’s lives – we’ve been in Germany for 40 years – and they are fascinated by the journey we are now on. To keep this story going, though, we will have to keep innovating and keep solving problems."

You will find the podcast on iTunes , Spotify and Soundcloud.


In the following video, Chief Technology Officer Atul Bhardwaj explains how we work at MediaMarktSaturn Technology.