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TÜV Süd certificates confirm that the renewable electricity used by MediaMarkt and Saturn in Germany is truly green

At the beginning of 2017, all German MediaMarkt and Saturn stores were switched to green electricity. And since summer 2018 it’s been official: 100% of the power consumed by the stores comes from renewable energy sources, namely from TÜV Süd-certified hydropower plants. The certification of the use of green energy also meets the demanding criteria of TÜV Süd. Initial certification was successfully completed in August 2018.

By converting more than 430 German stores to renewable energy, MediaMarktSaturn is making a major contribution to climate protection. After all, more than half of operational greenhouse gas emissions are accounted for by power consumption.

However, not all green electricity is the same. Currently, green supply tariffs are offered by around 800 electricity suppliers in Germany. Some of them take the easy option by delivering for instance green electricity from hydroelectric plants built decades ago. That’s good, but there are better solutions. Other utilities are investing in new systems and helping to permanently change the energy mix in Germany. Certificates and labels help sort the wheat from the chaff. The four main ones are:

  • The ‘Grüner Strom’ label of environmental NGOs Eurosolar, BUND and NABU
  • The ‘ok-power’ label of the North Rhine-Westphalia Consumer Advice Centre and the Öko-Institut in Freiburg
  • The two TÜV green electricity standards EE01 and EE02
  • The ‘Geprüfter Ökostrom’ (‘Verified Renewable Electricity’) certificate awarded by TÜV Nord

MediaMarktSaturn has opted for green electricity supply and procurement which meets the demanding criteria of TÜV Süd Standard CMS 89. This standard guarantees 100% renewable electricity and ensures that electricity companies are definitely investing in the expansion of renewable energy systems.

The stores were converted in early 2017 and initial certification is now complete. The certificates from TÜV Süd arrived in Ingolstadt in August. They confirm that the power consumption of all German MediaMarktSaturn stores is entirely met with green electricity certified by TÜV Süd.