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How we enable conscious consumption

Sustainable products

The topic of sustainability in products plays an important role for us on two levels: for us as a retailer and for our customers.

Our aspiration: more sustainable products in the product range

At retailer level, we are increasingly focusing on the sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacture of products across the entire value chain, as well as on the use of recycled materials, environmentally friendly packaging and the durability of a product.

Thus, we want to continuously increase the number of sustainable products in our product range to enable our customers to live a sustainable lifestyle. In concrete terms and based on an initiative we took in 2020, this means that we will double the number of products labeled as sustainable in our stores by the end of 2023.

An own logo for sustainable products

At customer level, it’s important for us to provide advice on the resource-conserving and efficient use of a product and to provide customers with the necessary information on this. After all, both consistent customer information and clear labeling of sustainable products and services in our stores and online shops play a crucial role in promoting sustainable consumption.

We therefore label sustainable products with our BetterWay logo. For a product at MediaMarkt or Saturn to be marked as a BetterWay product, it must meet certain minimum criteria. For orientation, we use the Blauer Engel and EPEAT certificates as well as the product listings on and, among others. For example, socially responsible manufacturing, materials used, energy efficiency as well as emissions and recyclability of a product are evaluated. We also continuously check if the BetterWay criteria are sufficient or need to be adjusted.

How we promote a circular economy

Environmentally friendly services

We support solutions and service concepts that enable sustainable consumption. In doing so, we are guided by the vision of a circular economy.

How we reduce our footprint

Climate protection

We take responsibility for emissions that arise from our business. We’re continuously developing new measures to reduce our carbon footprint.