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Sustainability at MediaMarktSaturn

How we live up to our responsibilities

Our sustainability strategy

To remain successful in the long term, we both must and wish to align our activities along the entire value chain with the existing ecological, social and legal framework conditions. In line with our parent company, CECONOMY, as a role model for the entire industry, we have started on our way to shape and influence responsible and sustainable business practices. We call this way the “BetterWay”.

Our separate Non-Financial Group Report

Our sustainability report

How we remain committed to sustainability

Networks and initiatives

MediaMarktSaturn belongs to selected networks and initiatives via its parent company CECONOMY.

How we reduce our footprint

Climate protection

We take responsibility for emissions that arise from our business. We’re continuously developing new measures to reduce our carbon footprint.

How we enable conscious consumption

Sustainable products

The sustainability of our products plays a key role for us as a retailer and for our customers. We aim to offer a wide range of sustainable products in our stores and online shops.

How we promote a circular economy

Environmentally friendly services

We facilitate sustainable consumption with our innovative product solutions and service concepts. In doing so, we are guided by the vision of a circular economy.

How we fulfill our duties in the supply chain

Responsibility in the supply chain

We take responsibility for our actions and want to create more transparency in the supply chain together with our customers, suppliers and employees.

How we promote and use diversity

Diversity and inclusion

We want employees who bring different perspectives and solutions to the table: The more diverse the workforce, the more comprehensive the skills and knowledge in our company.

How we go beyond our core business

Social engagement

We take responsibility – beyond our core business. We are committed nationally and locally and at our corporate headquarters in Ingolstadt.


MediaMarkt Schweiz erhält Auszeichnung für Energieeffizienz und Klimaschutz

MediaMarkt Schweiz hat eine Universalzielvereinbarung für Energiegroßverbraucher abgeschlossen. Nun wurde die Landesgesellschaft mit einem Zertifikat für Energieeffizienz und Klimaschutz ausgezeichnet.


Focus sustainable! The packaging strategy of IMTRON

Packaging waste is also generated during the manufacture of private label products. Reducing these quantities and making the packaging itself more sustainable is the aim of IMTRON's packaging strategy. What exactly is behind this strategy? How sustainable is IMTRON's packaging management? Sustainability News spoke to Kamilla Schafmayer, an expert for sustainability, compliance and contract management at IMTRON.


Sustainable procurement: How MediaMarktSaturn wants to ensure that manufacturers comply with social and environmental standards

As the largest European trading company for consumer electronics, MediaMarktSaturn not only wants to provide its customers the best products nationwide and at all times, but also to ensure that social and ecological standards are observed in their production. An enormous challenge: the supply chains today are global and highly complex. Sustainability News shows how MediaMarktSaturn and IMTRON are successfully tackling these challenges.


ISY ink cartridges become "green": good for the environment and the wallet

Millions of ink cartridges are consumed year after year in Germany. This not only costs money, but also poses a considerable environmental problem - especially when used printer cartridges end up in household waste. With the new remanufactured ink cartridges from ISY, MediaMarkt and Saturn now offer their customers a more sustainable and cost-effective alternative.


Green Tips: Digital Detox at Christmas

Always available, always informed: The usage of smartphones, laptops, etc. consumes a lot of time - and sometimes it is stressful. "Digital Detox" - digital detoxification - is the recipe against the stress of constant accessibility. Many use the Christmas season as an opportunity for digital devices to take a break. We show what tricks can be used to achieve this.


Switched to green: How sustainable are the "green" product recommendations at Saturn and MediaMarkt?

Recognizing at a glance which products are particularly sustainable - Saturn customers have been able to do this in the online shop since 2012 with the green label "Jetzt auf Grün schalten" ("Switch to green now"). MediaMarkt is now following and labelling energy-saving and environmentally friendly products in the online shop with the new "Alles im grünen Bereich" (“Everything in a green range”) label. But what is hidden behind the product label?


Borrow. Me. Off. Rent instead of buy

What has happened since the introduction of rental offers at MediaMarkt and Saturn? Sustainability News spoke to Johannes Brancke, Sales Manager at MediaMarktSaturn Germany.


Sustainable Apps: These digital helpers make everyday life easier

How high is the energy consumption in your own household and how can we best keep an eye on costs? How environment-friendly is a product? Useful apps bring light into the darkness and provide information on environmental protection, consumption, costs and ingredients of products. We present convincing scanner apps.

Sustainable coffee drinking with BARISTACLUB

With the launch of the new barista club, MediaMarktSaturn is further expanding its coffee expertise - and also its sustainability expertise. After all, many of the offered premium coffees not only taste excellent, they are also produced "sustainably". But what does that actually mean - sustainable coffee?


Gold medal for sustainability: MediaWorld in Como receives LEED® certification for sustainable buildings

MediaWorld Como was the Group's first store to be awarded the LEED® certificate for sustainable building in gold. Read the complete interview with Roberto Migliorini Mulazzani, store and system planner at MediaMarktSaturn in Como, Italy.


10 things that anyone can do to save the bees

Bees play a central role in the conservation of global ecosystems. However, scientists have been warning for years against the death of bees and the decline in populations. Bees are extremely important: not only do bees produce honey; they also pollinate the majority of our fruit and vegetable plants. We’ll give you 10 tips and advices on how everyone can help the bees.


E-Scooters roll on – also at MediaMarkt and Saturn! After legalization: What’s going on on Germany’s streets?

Germany is stepping on the gas when it comes to electric mobility: after years of targeted support for the switch to all-electric or at least semi-electric driving, the way was finally cleared for electric pedal scooters in mid-June.


„Plastic? Don’t get in the bag any more“: Plastic bag consumption in Germany declines sharply

Around 1 trillion plastic bags are produced worldwide every year. Put together, the bag parade could wrap the equator 10,000 times. In Germany alone, we still consume billions of plastic bags – but there is also good news: Germans are consuming less and less of them per capita.

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