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Retailtech Hub launches third round

Eleven startups qualify for the three-month program

Retailtech Hub launches third round

On 21 June, 32 start-ups from around the world presented their ideas on Selection Day at the Retailtech Hub. Eleven of them particularly impressed the jury and are now entering the third round of the innovation platform, implemented in tandem with the Plug and Play Tech Center. The founders’ business models, selected from hundreds of applicants, range from augmented reality solutions to intelligent building management and a digital shelving system. This round has introduced blockchain, voice commerce and location-based marketing. MediaMarktSaturn has now added the s.Oliver Group as a new partner besides the likes of the Schwarz Group with Lidl and Kaufland and Aachener Grundvermögen.

“We look forward to working with the eleven start-ups, all of which stand for future-oriented retail fields. Together, we want to further develop and implement retail innovations in the next three months,” said Thorsten Marquardt, Managing Director of the Retailtech Hub. “With more than 20 international start-ups and partners from the fashion, food, consumer electronics and retail sectors, we are steadily approaching our goal of building a comprehensive, Europe-wide platform to mutually shape the future of retail.”

The following start-ups have joined the Retailtech Hub:

Adways ( Adways Studio is a user friendly online platform for building interactive videos. It makes it easy to enrich any video on any device with a variety of extra contents. Real time analytics track the consumer’s behaviour along their video journey.

Augment ( provides a turnkey solution for retailers to integrate augmented reality into their customers’ journey. In a few days, they can power their mobile app and website with a way to show their products, in the customer environment, in real size. This is how AR can increase the conversion rate and reduce returns.

Brickspaces ( connects brands and pop up sites on its online platform. The main focus of the company lies on individually consulting brands and their agencies with the know-how collected over the past years. With over 1,500 spaces in the German-speaking area, the BRICKSPACES portfolio is the biggest of its kind.

Cryptowerk ( makes it easy to integrate enterprise applications with any blockchain, creating an unalterable system of records on digital transactions that verifies trust and meets even the strictest compliance requirements.

Envio ( is capable of transforming any existing business building into a smart building. This results in only a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions and pays for itself in less than three years thanks to the energy savings.

Idee ( provides solutions for strong authentication and blockchain identity. IDEE OneClick™ provides convenient, private and secure access for everyone by getting rid of usernames, passwords and tokens.

Jetson ( provides an intelligent voice commerce platform. Today’s consumers want a voice-first buying experience that enables ordering by simply talking to your smart speaker or mobile device. With Jetson’s intelligent solution, customers can now enjoy a multi-step conversation enabling complex ordering of products and services.

Locarta ( helps retailers better understand their customers with precision, scale and no hardware installation. Through a location panel of 1.8 million smartphone users in Germany, the company has insight into how they move in the real world. Store visits generated by advertising campaigns can be recorded and insights into movement patterns within cities can be provided.

Nello ( simplifies urban life by allowing you to control your home intercom through your smartphone. You never miss a delivery, as all of them can be put by your front door. Plus, a key is no longer necessary.

Qopius ( deals with AI computer vision for retail, implementing it to digitize brick-and-mortar shelves: to automatically recognize every product, price tag and shelf issue in the store and help retailers and CPG manufacturers perfect store execution for achieving the best in-store customer experience.

Wunder ( supports e-commerce providers with AI to achieve better matches between customers and the products suitable for them. The core of’s technology are deep-learning algorithms that reproduce customers’ product evaluations and purchase decisions in real time. This gives retailers the chance to present customers with a quotation that is as accurate as possible.

An introduction of the startups in a video interview can be found here: