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Repair service for large appliances: Great customer service – great sustainability driver

Starting in 2019, MediaMarkt and Saturn are offering customers a new service: repair services for large household appliances directly at home. This expansion adds another element to one of our most important business segments, Services and Solutions. By extending the life cycle of electrical appliances, MediaMarktSaturn is also making an important contribution towards the protection of the environment and the climate.

Customer loyalty thanks to quality customer service

Large, modern household appliances are very reliable and durable. Despite that, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers or refrigerators, out of the blue, sometimes break down. But high-quality appliances do not need to be scrapped immediately. In most cases, repair by a qualified service technician will suffice. Since the beginning of the year, MediaMarkt and Saturn have begun offering a viable solution. Service technicians are sent directly to the home of the customer.

“With our home repair service for large household appliances, we provide service to our customers before, during and after their purchase. And that’s what really sets us apart from the competition,” says Holger Böhmer, Head of Service and Solutions at MediaMarktSaturn. “Besides, the repair service is an important component of our sustainability strategy.”

Cost-effective and fast: here's how the new service works

The service is very straightforward: Customers can arrange an appointment by telephone, in the store or online – MediaMarkt and Saturn guarantee the availability of a technician within a maximum of three working days. The service fee for damage inspection and preparation of a repair cost estimate, including the technician's journey, is 49 euros (introductory offer). If the customer chooses to repair the appliance, it will be done in accordance with the cost estimate.

Our service technicians have an extensive stock of spare parts, and thanks to customer error descriptions, the right parts are available in more than 95 percent of cases. This means repairs can normally be carried out on-site. As a result, there is usually no need for a new appointment or for technicians to make a second trip. This saves time, money and CO2. Customers who immediately order the repair will have the 49 euros credited for the respective repair costs. The repair service charges are fair and transparent based on the amount of work involved and the original spare parts used. If the customer decides to buy a new appliance, he or she receives a voucher, redeemable when buying a new appliance at a MediaMarkt or Saturn store.

ReparaturserviceFoto: Press - MediaMarktSaturn

Advertising of the service

A market survey carried out before launching the new offer showed that if a large electrical appliance breaks down, most consumers look for a repair service on the Internet. A smaller proportion looks for the service number on the sales receipt or on the device itself. Therefore, there will be an intensive advertising campaign for the new service via the Internet.

But the markets also play a central role. Until now, there has been no comparable service offered. Our employees have daily contact with thousands of customers in our stores and can inform them of the new service. The goodwill both brands enjoy will be an asset in offering customers the service, which will be offered at fair prices. The decisive promise to the customer is, if an appliance can be repaired, we will repair it.

Special POS information material (displays, flyers, etc.) have been created for the stores, and information about the service will also be provided on the product itself with stickers. The customer needs to know: if, one day, the purchased appliance breaks down, MediaMarkt and Saturn will offer a fast and reliable solution with at a competitive price.

Too good to throw away: The new home service is sustainable and environmentally friendly

“The new service is another important aspect of our strategy to retain our customers in the long term even after purchasing a product,” Holger Böhmer points out.

With our repair services, we also make an important contribution to more sustainability by prolonging the life cycle of electrical appliances. In about 60 percent of all cases, customers decide to repair their washing machine, dryer or refrigerator to avoid premature disposal of the appliance. This often prolongs the service life by years and protects valuable resources. Because the production of washing machines, dryers and other appliances accounts for between 15 and 40 percent of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (source: Öko-Institut e.V.), with the remainder being attributable to their use. This is why the longer a customer uses a machine, the better it is for the environment and the climate.

MediaMarktSaturn is committed to the conservation of valuable resources and the reduction of electrical waste. This is why the new service adds yet another element to our sustainability strategy.

Information box: What is the circular economy?

KreislaufwirtschaftIn most cases we experience the opposite of a circular economy, namely the linear economy: appliances are first manufactured and then thrown away. In a circular economy, all appliances are made from largely recycled material instead. The first objective is a long service life, and if equipment breaks down, it is repaired. The second object is to disassemble the appliance into its individual parts for further recycling, instead of throwing it away at the end of its life cycle. Nothing is wasted, as much as possible is returned to the cycle. Each product contains valuable resources that can be reused and do not have to be produced again. Waste that cannot be recycled for various reasons is disposed of at waste sites in an environmentally friendly manner. Advantage of the circular economy: Preserving valuable resources and reducing climate-damaging greenhouse gases.