You can do more! More Saturn, more service!

Ingolstadt, 01.10.2018: Last year, the Saturn campaign based on the VR film ‘Anna’ got everyone talking. Now Saturn has taken the campaign to the next level by incorporating new elements. As well as products, it increasingly focuses on services which make it easier to handle modern consumer electronics items. The planet serves as a stylistic element and the brand slogan is still “You can do more!”

What’s the most efficient way to tidy up your son’s room? How can tech help you find a room in a shared flat? And how can a VR headset enable you lose weight? Saturn is showing how tech makes life a lot easier and how its sales staff can create moments of joy in its new campaign, once again devised by Jung von Matt.

Said Lukas Kaiser, Head of Marketing at Saturn Germany: “In the new campaign, we’re showing how Saturn enables its customers to experience technology even more. We’re the experts when it comes to technology solutions that make life easier and more enjoyable. And in our new adverts, we’re showing somewhat tongue in cheek how anyone can master everyday life with our products coupled with the related services.”

The brand positioning “Live and experience technology” and the brand slogan “You can do more!” will once again be at the heart of Saturn’s communication in the coming season. It will be expanded to include concise elements eye-catchingly emphasizing the brand positioning. Saturn is thus focusing on its ‘planetary’ strengths and will in future use the Saturn ring as a firm recognition factor in its product communication. To this end, a new product space has been created in which items are memorably presented. The music in the adverts has also been inspired by the planetary theme – to be precise, by the sounds of the NASA space probe Cassini, which has been exploring Saturn for more than a decade.

Saturn’s comprehensive range of services is an integral part of the campaign. “Experiencing tech isn’t just about the products themselves,” says Remko Rijnders, COO of MediaMarktSaturn Germany. “Instead, the accompanying services with which we make life easier for our customers are becoming increasingly important. They start with first-rate advice, continue with the delivery of large appliances as well as setting up and protecting smartphones and computers, and don’t by any means stop with our home service tackling technical problems.”

Once again, the newly filmed adverts revolve around people and their personal experience of technology. They show how in challenging everyday situations, smart solutions can be found with the help of tech. For example, the commercial ‘Tidying Up 3.0’ shows a child’s bedroom where there are a lot of toy bricks scattered all over the floor. The mother quickly picks up the vacuum cleaner and sucks up the bricks in next to no time. Then she simply empties out the vacuum cleaner bag containing the bricks over the toy box – much to her son’s chagrin, who puts another handful of bricks on the floor with a mischievous smile!

Jung von Matt’s creation was translated into film by Götz Ulmer (creative & partner), Anna Lichnog (creative director text), Sebastian Schnell (creative director art) and Simon Hiebl (also creative director art). The adverts were produced by the production company Sterntag and directed by Zoran Bihać. Das Werk managed the post-production of the product space while the musical accompaniment was provided by White Horse Music. The adverts will be shown on television and on saturn.de and also be used on social media platforms. In addition, radio commercials will be broadcast. The campaign launches on 1 October.