Super Select Mobile phone plans from MediaMarkt and Saturn: now even more data for the same price

  • Up to 60% more data with LTE speed for the same price
  • Data-sharing option: Multiple users with different phone numbers can share a total data allowance of up to 12GB
  • Customers can choose from a range of options to build their own phone plan

Ingolstadt, 6 August 2018: MediaMarkt and Saturn are upgrading their mobile phone plans MediaMarkt Super Select and Saturn Super Select – and giving the data allowance a substantial boost. Depending on the phone plan they choose, customers now benefit from up to 60% more data – for the same price! Whether for singles, families or households with multiple mobile devices, the build-your-own plan options coupled with data sharing allow up to six SIM cards with individual phone numbers and a total data volume of up to 12GB to be easily combined in the same contract. And although the data allowance is shared, individual options such as unlimited calls on all networks and limitless music streaming with JUKE can be booked for each individual SIM card. Online data usage with speeds of up to 50 Mbps on Telefónica’s LTE network are possible from just €7.99 per month.

This flexibility starts with the minimum contract. The XS plan has a one-month rolling contract and includes 250 minutes or texts as well as a whopping 60% more data – 2GB instead of the 1.25GB previously offered – for just €7.99. In the S, M, L and XL one-for-all plans, the data allowance has been increased by up to 50%. Up to six SIM cards with their own numbers can be activated on a 24-month Super Select contract and, depending on the plan you choose, can access a shared high-speed data volume of 3GB to 12GB. What’s more, additional services such as unlimited calls and texts for €2 a month and the JUKE music streaming service for €9.99 can easily be added as required – including after a contract has already been taken out – on the Super Select website, the MediaMarkt or Saturn phone plan app, by phone or in-store. With a single bill for all mobile devices and family members or partners, the Super Select rates guarantee total transparency and cost control.

The Super Select plans from MediaMarkt and Saturn are offered in conjunction with Telefónica Deutschland and only apply to new customers. Contracts can be taken out at any MediaMarkt or Saturn store anywhere in Germany as well as online at https://tarife.mediamarkt.de/superselect and https://handytarife.saturn.de/superselect.