SPACELAB participants finalized: Accelerator enters implementation phase

Munich, 20.01.2016: An app which keeps track of the electronic items you’ve bought, help with faulty smartphones, smart online support and reliable on-the-spot assistance with technology problems: these are the business ideas of the four start-ups MyHomeServices, kaputt.de, Expertiger and Deutsche Technikberatung all taking part in the Media-Saturn tech accelerator SPACELAB. Work began with an analysis of the fledgling firms’ structures together with Media-Saturn and its partners. And now the first pilot cooperation projects have been launched. What’s more, the application phase for the next intake has just started.

“We received outstanding applications from many areas along our value chain – from logistics concepts and apps to complete products,” said Martin Sinner, CEO of Media-Saturn’s Online Electronics Group and in charge of SPACELAB. The selected participants spent the first six weeks of the programme on an in-depth analysis of their business models and products. Workshops held with partners addressed matters such as brand strategy, design thinking, financing and online marketing. Moreover, initial pilot collaborations with Media-Saturn are now underway. For example, customers at selected stores buying for instance a new laptop have been offered vouchers entitling them to a discount on initial setup by Expertiger.

Start-ups could apply for participation in SPACELAB from August. The four finalists were selected at a series of workshops from around 100 entries. In addition to receiving financial investment, their founders moved into the SPACELAB office space in Munich for twenty weeks for extensive mentoring in various areas such as financial planning, IT infrastructure and pitch training. The application phase for the next intake has now already started. “Once again, we’re looking for candidates from the whole range of consumer electronics retail,” said Martin Sinner. “From e-commerce apps and Internet of Things products to aspects of AdTech.”

Applications for the SPACELAB tech accelerator are now invited at www.ms-spacelab.com.

Introducing the participants

All your electronic devices in one place

MyHomeServices (www.myhomeservices.nl) helps you keep track of your consumer electronics devices. Users register the technology products they’ve bought as well as their fixed-term contracts on the platform. In addition to being able to download product information and operating instructions, they can also see at a glance how long their various guarantees will last and when contracts can be cancelled.

First aid for smart phones

kaputt.de (www.kaputt.de) offers users rapid assistance in connection with faulty smartphones. For example, if the display has broken, users can immediately order a replacement and download video instructions explaining how to fit it themselves. Alternatively, if you’d rather leave it to the experts, the platform also lists the best repair centres in your neighbourhood.

The home-based IT helpdesk

Expertiger (www.expertiger.de) brings the benefits of a corporate IT department to private customers. This means: Users can call a hotline and receive direct assistance by phone and remote maintenance. The team of helpers is made up of freelance IT consultants, who can sign on whenever they’ve a free half-hour as a simple way of earning extra income.

The technology GP

Deutsche Technikberatung (www.deutsche-technikberatung.de) likes to think of itself as a general practitioner for technology. If you have any sort of technology problems, the service will put you in touch with a fixed local agent, who will then pay you a home visit and fix them. If your Wi-Fi router’s down, all the pictures have disappeared from your web browser, or you can’t change channels on your television, Deutsche Technikberatung will come to your aid!