For a smooth digital life

Ingolstadt, 19 April 2018: Everyone knows that many good things come from Ingolstadt – and we’re not just talking about the German Beer Purity Law, whose 500th anniversary was celebrated in 2016. Even so, many people are unaware that every day, an Ingolstadt company enables more than six million customers in Ingolstadt and across Europe to lead a smooth, trouble-free digital life. During the Night of Business and Science on 20 April, visitors can look behind the scenes and get an impression of what shopping will be like in the future. The highlight will be a presentation by Chief Innovation Officer Martin Wild.

MediaMarktSaturn is a major player in the Ingolstadt region. Several thousand employees at the MediaMarktSaturn Campus on Wankelstrasse design stores, ensure rapid delivery, help startups achieve breakthrough growth, and program robots, apps or online shops. The staff at MediaMarkt on Eriagstrasse and Saturn at Westpark assist customers from the region as their partners and navigators in the digital world. They help select the right products for them, repair broken smartphones within an hour, and even visit customers at home if their Wi-Fi is acting up or their Smart TV remote control isn’t working properly.

During the Night of Business and Science, visitors can talk to NAO the Robot, and also meet Paula the Virtual Avatar by donning the Microsoft HoloLens smartglasses. Paula normally guides customers through Saturn stores all over Germany. The technology behind her is known as augmented reality. AR means that customers’ view of the real world as seen through mixed reality smartglasses is enhanced by virtual elements such as Paula.

Rapitag, a startup from MediaMarktSaturn’s Retailtech Hub startup programme, will also be on hand. Alongside the digital accelerator Brigk, the Retailtech Hub is the second programme in Ingolstadt with which MediaMarktSaturn rapidly enables its customers to benefit from innovative startups’ ideas.

The highlight of the evening will be a presentation by Martin Wild, Chief Innovation Officer of MediaMarktSaturn. Over 15 years ago, Wild founded one of the biggest online consumer electronics stores in the region. After joining MediaMarktSaturn in 2011, since 2014 he has been working full-time to develop tomorrow’s shopping experience.

“At the Night of Business and Science, we want to give the families and friends of our staff as well as our customers, friends and anyone else interested an opportunity to find out how we enrich life in the digital world every day,” explained Martin Wild. “We’ll also be showing how digital technology can help us better serve our customers in the future.”

In addition to the exhibition and presentation, those interested will be able to find out about job opportunities and meet recruitment staff. The company is currently looking to sign up more than a hundred new employees, including trainees, students, graduates and experienced candidates.

To find out more about MediaMarktSaturn, extensive information is available online at www.mediamarktsaturn.com.

The campus will open for the Night of Business and Science at 5pm. Martin Wild will begin his presentation at 8pm.