Saturn Tech-Talk goes TV: Tech-Nick to be given his own TV show on “Welt der Wunder”

Ingolstadt, 14.03.2016: Saturn Tech-Talk, the video clip series featuring the friendly employee Tech-Nick, is being given a regular slot on television: ten one-hour Tech-Talk shows on current technology topics have already been produced exclusively for the digital TV channel “Welt der Wunder.” The new technology and science show will be broadcast on www.weltderwunder.de starting on March 15, 2016.

With Saturn Tech-Talk, Tech-Nick, alias Antoine Monot, Jr., has been entertaining a large fan base since last October. He presents the latest developments from the world of technology, compares different products and gives practical application tips in an entertaining and knowledgeable way. Now, Tech-Talk has even made the leap into digital television by cooperating with “Welt der Wunder.” Tech-Nick invites presenter Hendrik Hey into his studio and exchanges ideas with him on technology in a total of ten one-hour Tech-Talk episodes. Topics such as “The perfect home cinema,” “The kitchen of the future,” and the latest smartphone, photo and gaming trends will be illuminated in great detail.

“We are very pleased that, by cooperating with “Welt der Wunder,” Tech-Nick will be receiving yet another platform for him to bring technology trends closer to his fans,” explains Oliver Mehwald, Managing Director of redblue Marketing GmbH, Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH's in-house advertising and marketing agency, and responsible for the strategic marketing of the Saturn brand. “This innovative format fits very well with the enthusiasm for technology that Saturn stands for and again underscores how relevant modern worlds of technology are for a broad audience.”

Hendrik Hey, presenter and Managing Director of Welt der Wunder TV, adds: “Technology is becoming increasingly important to the everyday lives of our viewers. With the new infotainment format, we show what is in and what technology is capable of doing today. With TV-Tech-Talk, our viewers can look forward to gaining knowledge in an entertaining manner at a high level.”

New atmosphere, exciting guests

But Tech-Nick will be giving gas even outside the TV studio: his Tech- Talk on saturn.de will offer even greater variety by switching scenes to Tech-Nick’s private apartment. While his assistant Robert attends to matters at the studio, Tech-Nick will be enjoying the advantages of modern technology at home and inviting guests like the YouTuber Sally, with whom he will baking cinnamon rolls or preparing smoothies. Viewers will get to know clever products such as self-cleaning ovens and practical smoothie makers in a casual manner. Furthermore, “Tech-Nick junior,” who is always well informed on the latest games and game consoles, will also be appearing for the first time in the new clips.

In-depth content with TURN ON

The new, digital TV knowledge show Tech-Talk will be broadcast on “Welt der Wunder” every Tuesday at 9:15 PM starting on March 15, 2016. The new episodes of Saturn Tech-Talk on the Internet can be watched at www.saturn.de/techtalk. With certain topics on Tech-Talk, there will also be in-depth reports and product tests on TURN ON, the Saturn program for technology fans, and on TURN ON’s YouTube channel.