Saturn rewards technology fans with the new SATURN CARD

Ingolstadt, 6.6.2017: The new SATURN CARD means there’s never been a better time to go shopping at Saturn! The free loyalty card comes with exclusive shopping benefits from the get-go such as a longer returns period, online receipts, and invitations to special events at Saturn stores. After signing up in-store or online at www.saturncard.de, SATURN CARD holders can immediately start collecting status points – or ‘Bits’ – in order to secure other rewards to make buying consumer electronics even more convenient than before. Advantages include Saturn coupons, a flat-rate music subscription with JUKE, and unlimited free standard deliveries.

People love loyalty cards – just look inside the average purse or wallet! For everyone who regularly purchases consumer electronics, the new SATURN CARD is essential. After all, Saturn knows exactly what technology fans want!

What’s special about the new SATURN CARD is the use of different status levels. On first signing up, each new holder receives a White SATURN CARD. As you collect more and more Bits, your status rises. For each euro you spend in the online shop www.saturn.de or in your local Saturn store, 10 Bits will be credited to your account. But that’s not the only way to collect Bits – for unlike conventional loyalty cards, you can also add to your Bit account by means of for example product assessments, recommendations and profile details.

Four status levels – plenty of advantages
Depending on the number of Bits in their account, owners attain one of four status levels with different rewards. The entry-level SATURN CARD is White. Holders can rise to first Orange with at least 5,000 Bits and then Blue on acquiring 15,000 Bits. And once you’ve collected 25,000 Bits and receive a Black SATURN CARD, you’re in consumer electronics heaven! It’s certainly worth collecting Bits. For example, by buying items costing a total of €500 you’re already at Orange. And you can even shoot straight up to Black – because by purchasing, say, a large TV and an audio system, you’ll quickly have enough Bits to reach the highest level! 

Simply sign up in-store, mobile or online
Anyone who’s at least 18 years of age and lives in Germany can apply for a SATURN CARD. You can sign up either online at www.saturncard.de, by app, or personally in a Saturn store. Staff at the information desk will be delighted to explain the details to you and help you complete the registration form. Membership is free and can be terminated at any time. You can choose whether to use the practical SATURN CARD app or carry a physical card with you in your purse or wallet. Cardholders can use their SATURN CARD account to quickly check how many Bits they’ve collected and their current status level.

The individual status levels and rewards at a glance:

White SATURN CARD – entry-level rewards:
•    Practical online receipts
•    Extended returns period (28 instead of 14 days) 
•    Information and coupons 
•    Digital subscription to consumer electronics magazine TURN ON
•    Invitations to technology events and special in-store opening times
•    Free SATURN CARD service hotline

Orange SATURN CARD – entry-level rewards plus:
•    €5 Saturn coupon 
•    €10 coupon for JUKE
•    One free standard delivery

Blue SATURN CARD – entry-level rewards plus:
•    €10 Saturn coupon 
•    €20 coupon for JUKE
•    One free Premium delivery
•    Additional technology protection for one item for 12 months
•    Exclusive offers

Black SATURN CARD – entry-level rewards plus
•    €25 Saturn coupon 
•    One year’s unlimited music subscription to JUKE
•    One free Premium delivery plus unlimited standard deliveries
•    Returns with no time limit
•    Additional technology protection on all eligible products 
•    Exclusive offers