Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 phones launched – great leasing deals now available at MediaMarkt

Ingolstadt, 20.02.2019: Following the official debut of Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 smartphones today, they can already be pre-ordered at MediaMarkt. But it’s not just those planning to buy one of these brand-new phones who’ll be delighted. MediaMarkt has another special deal for its customers – for under its collaboration with Berlin-based startup Grover, the new flagship phones Galaxy S10, S10e and S10 Plus can also be leased. In fact, leasing contracts can already be taken out at MediaMarkt’s online shop – and will also be available at all 275 MediaMarkt stores in Germany when Samsung’s new Galaxies go on sale on 8 March 2019. What’s more, leasing is available on extremely attractive terms – for the six-month minimum period includes three months free!

Leasing one of Samsung’s new mobile phones is child’s play. During the presales phase until 7 March 2019, customers visiting MediaMarkt’s webshop can take out a lease on a Samsung S10 of their choice – and have their new smartphone conveniently delivered to them when the phones officially go on sale on 8 March 2019. That’s also when the leasing offer will be rolled out to all MediaMarkt’s physical stores in Germany. This is the first time that a brand-new product can be leased at all MediaMarkt stores in Germany.

Regardless of whether phones are leased online or at a bricks-and-mortar store, the terms are identical. The minimum lease period is six months, yet customers only need pay for three – at a monthly rate of either €69.90 (Galaxy S10e), €79.90 (Galaxy S10) or €99.90 (Galaxy S10 Plus). When the minimum lease period expires, the smartphone can either be returned or the contract renewed. For more information on this special promotion, go to https://www.mediamarkt.de/de/shop/samsung-smartphone-neuheiten.html.

Leasing with MediaMarkt and Grover

Since January 2017, MediaMarkt’s online customers have been able to lease the latest electronic devices from its partner Grover instead of buying them. In the meantime, selected consumer electronics items can also be leased from all MediaMarkt stores in the Berlin/Brandenburg region and Hamburg. Special leasing deals such as this one in time for the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 are even available in every store in Germany. Smartphones and laptops as well as gaming, VR and smart home gadgets can all be leased. Customers benefit from the flexibility and transparency of this service thanks to its fair terms, a minimum contract period from just one month, and a subsequent purchase option applying to all lease items. MediaMarkt’s leasing partner is Berlin fintech company Grover.

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