Retailtech Hub: MediaMarktSaturn is expanding its accelerator into an open platform for retail companies and startups

-    Program is open to other retail companies
-    It will focus on joint pilot projects of startups and established retailers
-    Program implementation in cooperation with the accelerator experts of Plug and Play
-    Applications are being accepted now at www.retailtechhub.com

Ingolstadt, August 09, 2017: MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group is expanding its Accelerator into an open platform for retail companies and startups. Under the name “Retailtech Hub”, the program will focus on tech startups along the entire retail value chain beyond consumer electronics. In addition, it will also be open to other retail companies. The program will be carried out together with the Accelerator experts from the “Plug and Play Tech Center” in Silicon Valley. It will focus on jointly implemented pilot projects with MediaMarktSaturn and future program partners. High-profile mentors from MediaMarktSaturn and Plug and Play’s networks will support the founders with both assistance and advice. There is no obligation for founders to assign shares to their companies. They will be able to participate in Plug and Play’s Silicon Valley retail program after they have successfully completed the program. Applications can now be submitted at www.retailtechhub.com. The program starts in mid-October 2017.

Since 2015, MediaMarktSaturn has successfully partnered with startups in its Accelerator program “Spacelab”. This platform is now flowing into the broader platform Retailtech Hub. “Startups in our first two batches have always appreciated the opportunity to pilot services directly in a running business and roll it out, if it is successful. The “home tech support” startup ‘Deutsche Technikberatung’ for example has been participating in the first batch and will now be consecutively made available across Germany,” commented Martin Wild, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group and CEO of the Retailtech Hub. “We want to expand this added value by enabling founders to carry out tests with retailers from various industries. In addition, Plug and Play is now also on board. This all together broadens our overall coverage within the retail community, improves our access to capital and opens our scope beyond Europe.”

“We will find the most innovative companies from Europe and around the world that can work with major retailers, not only to sustain their business, but as a competitive advantage to grow and increase efficiency. We have found MediaMarktSaturn to be extremely experienced in digitizing its business. Thus, they are the ideal driver for Retailtech Hub” said Saeed Amidi, Founder & CEO of Plug and Play.

The program was developed by MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group’s CDO team, which develops pilot projects with startups throughout the entire group. With the Munich startup Innoactive, the team recently wowed several thousand customers in 20 German stores with its “Saturn HoloTour” augmented reality shopping experience. Another co-development with Stuttgart’s Unity Robotics led to “Paul” the service robot. “After testing technologies ranging from chatbots to delivery robots to in-store navigation systems, we know how to take ideas and deliver value to our customers and partners, along with comprehensive insights for further development. We’ve already been able to gain concrete experience in many areas important for our future, while many other companies are still only discussing these topics,” says Wild.

For the upcoming program batch, the Retailtech Hub is looking for up to 10 startups whose technological innovations are poised to revolutionize retail, whether across the spectrum or single aspects. The focus is not on sellable consumer electronics products. Moving in in mid-October, the batch will take twelve weeks and take place at a new location in Munich (“Neue Balan – Campus für Ideen”). With events, informal meetings and co-working offers, the location will provide the space for companies, startups and other stakeholders to exchange ideas and concepts, developing together the future of retail. Unlike in the past, startups in the Retailtech Hub do not have to be in Munich full-time, nor do they have to cede an investment. Wild: “We want to be as uncomplicated and flexible as possible in meeting the needs of startups so we can concentrate on developing together.” Startups with a minimum viable product (MVP) and a complete team can apply at www.retailtechhub.com.