Rapid help for broken smartphones and smart devices thanks to Saturn’s new Immediate Service

  • All popular brands of mobile devices repaired in just 1–2 hours
  • Initial setup of smart devices, application of screen protectors
  • Quick and easy, no appointment necessary

Ingolstadt, 04.03.2019: Tablets, laptops and above all smartphones have become indispensable companions in everyday digital life. But what do we do if one of our devices suddenly gives up the ghost? Not to worry, for rapid assistance is now available from all Saturn stores. The experienced technicians at Saturn’s new Immediate Service can get your devices up and running (again), regardless of whether the battery or the screen needs to be replaced, a new laptop needs to be set up, or you’d like data to be transferred from your old device to your brand-new one. There’s no need for an appointment, and all work is usually carried out within one or two hours.

Accidentally broken the screen of your new smartphone? Is your phone battery about to die, or are the buttons jammed? Then you need to visit the reliable Immediate Service engineers at your nearest Saturn store! Simply take your faulty device along to the service desk – and after a brief evaluation, they’ll tell you how much the repair will cost and when you can collect it again. By the way, equal importance is attached to the terms Immediate and Service. Thanks to the proficient technicians and their large stock of spare parts, broken smartphones can be fixed and picked up again within one to two hours. This service is available for all popular smartphone models from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG and Sony – and original spares are used for Samsung, Huawei, LG and Sony phones. By the way, devices needn’t have been bought from Saturn in the first place. Saturn provides a one-year warranty on the repairs carried out. Prices for a new display start at €69, and battery replacement is available from just €49.

New device – what next?

Saturn is also the right place to go for those who aren’t keen to spend hours setting up their new mobile phone, tablet, laptop or satnav. Saturn’s tech specialists can do the job for you! In Saturn’s Ready2Go service, devices are directly configured for the customer, user accounts and software updates are installed, and if you like, your data can be migrated from your old device to your new one. And the technicians will also be delighted to quickly yet expertly apply screen protectors to smartphones.

All information about the Immediate Service at:  https://www.saturn.de/de/shop/service/reparatur/smartphone.html

Contact person for media

Kristiane Müller-Drensler

+49 (0) 841 634 5092