Presents for all: Promotional items with great free gifts for low, low prices at Saturn

  • Attractive bundles in all product segments
  • From 31 July to 10 August in all stores and online
  • TVs, washing machines, cameras and much more

Ingolstadt, 31.07.2019: It’s about to get hot, very hot – and it’s not just down to high summer, but also to Saturn’s latest campaign! From the end of July, there’ll be “Presents for all” – selected items from all Saturn product ranges which come with a free gift for purchasers. The summer gifts galore will be given away in a campaign starting on Wednesday 31 July and continuing until Saturday 10 August – and all German Saturn stores and also Saturn’s online shop will be taking part. To see what attractive product bundles are on offer, check out Saturn’s latest advertising brochure or go online to www.saturn.de.

Do gifts only come at Christmas or birthdays? No way! Saturn has now also made high summer a time of giving. After all, many people are on holiday, meaning they’ve got time and leisure to look for tech presents in peace and quiet in order to give joy to others – or even themselves! Accordingly, the campaign “Presents for all” is coming at just the right time. Everyone taking a look at the latest brochure featuring the many product bundles is bound to find what they’re looking for.

Especially attractive: Samsung TVs and washing machines

The cover of the new brochure features two especially attractive bargains. In the TV department there’s a 65" UHD television from Samsung for €777 (RRP: €1199) along with a matching Samsung Soundbar worth €89 thrown in for free. Meanwhile, the home appliance department is offering a 9kg washing machine (also made by Samsung) with an energy efficiency rating of A+++ and an Addwash compartment for €499 (RRP: €799) together with a free gift of a €50 Saturn shopping voucher.

Brand-name items with free gifts in all departments

But that’s not all, for there are plenty more fantastic promotional bundles on the following pages. They include many other low-priced TVs from Telefunken, ok., Philips, Grundig, LG and Samsung for prices ranging from €189 to €2111. Among the free gifts available to purchasers are shopping vouchers, headphones, Bluetooth loudspeakers and soundbars. And anyone seeking a new camera to take on holiday with them will be spoilt for choice. For sophisticated photography enthusiasts, for instance, there’s a Nikon SLR camera with an 18–55mm lens on special offer for €499 (RRP: €699), which comes with a free 35mm fixed focal length lens valued at €159.

Shopping in summer: Extremely cheap, extremely relaxing

Other special offers include a smartphone along with a smartwatch, laptops with free software, a built-in cooker set with a gratis microwave, a fridge-freezer with a food mixer free of charge, a fully automatic coffee maker accompanied by a soda maker, and dozens of other attractive bundles. In short, giving presents is always fun – and shopping in summer isn’t just extremely cheap, it’s also extremely relaxing thanks to the air-conditioning in Saturn stores!

Saturn’s “Presents for all” campaign will already start in the online shop at 8pm on 30 July and end at 8am on Monday 12 August. Moreover, all German Saturn stores are also joining in, too, and outstanding product bundles can be chosen there between 31 July and 10 August.