Pilot project launched with Berlin fintech startup Grover: State-of-the-art gadgets can now also be rented from Media Markt

Ingolstadt, 20.01.2017: “Rent me!” can now be seen alongside many of the very latest items in the Media Markt online shop. Germany’s top consumer electronics retailer is currently trialling a new service in which customers can rent the latest gadgets on very affordable terms. Some 500 products are already available for rent in selected categories, including smartphones, drones, games consoles, cameras, laptops and robot vacuums. One big advantage is flexibility: the minimum period is just a month, after which appliances can be returned at any time. For this new service, Media Markt is working with Berlin-based fintech startup Grover.

There are many customers who would love to always have the very latest smartphone, try out a professional drone, or finally get the most out of virtual reality gaming with their friends. Now, Media Markt customers can decide whether they want to buy products outright or simply rent them for a certain time. “Shopping habits are changing. Consumers want more flexibility and more options. They need offers and solutions which match their personal requirements and suit their individual circumstances. These are aspects we pay particular attention to as we continuously develop our range of services. And we’re currently testing interesting new models such as rental,” explained Lennart Wehrmeier, COO Media-Saturn Deutschland, who heads sales at Media Markt. “Rental has long been available in many other areas. We think it’s now time for Media Markt to also offer this option for the most sought-after electronics products.”

To launch this service, Media Markt has teamed up with an experienced partner in the form of Grover. This young Berlin-based company specializes in hire purchase for tech gadgets. The first German provider of its kind, it has been active on the market for more than two years. “We’re delighted to be working with Media Markt. Grover offers a new alternative to conventional purchase contracts or financing agreements for those who don’t want to commit themselves to a product forever or who want to reduce their financial outlay. The rental model is customer-centric, sustainable, and also a win-win solution for retailers. It reaches out to new target groups, speeds up customers’ decision-making, and hence boosts sales,” said Michael Cassau, CEO and founder of Grover.

Rental’s easy with Media Markt and Grover

Media Markt and Grover’s rental service is an attractive alternative to normal purchase, especially for those who always want the latest gadgets or merely require them for a limited period. Only new products can be rented. About 500 different products from the areas of TV and audio, entertainment, smartphones, wearables, new media and IT, photo/video and household appliances are already available in time for the scheme’s launch. Whether a specific device can be rented is shown on the relevant product page in the Media Markt online shop. If a customer decides to go for this option, he signs a rental contract directly with Grover. The monthly rent is fair and transparent, and amounts to a fraction of the standard purchase price. For example, the Oculus Rift VR system is available for €69.90 per month, while the Braava floor-mopping robot from iRobot costs €24.90 and the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB €39.90. All products can be rented monthly without a deposit and with a minimum contract term of just one month, after which cancellation is possible at any time. Billing takes place monthly in advance, meaning payments can be easily scheduled. Rental includes free delivery and return. In addition, each product is insured against damage. As soon as a device is no longer needed, it can simply be sent back to Grover. And Grover also has various options for those who like a product so much that they can’t bear the thought of returning it again!

Media Markt is starting the test phase in its online rental weeks. The range of items will then be successively expanded. In the not-too-distant future, the rental service may well be extended to Media Markt’s fixed-location stores.

To find out more, go to www.mediamarkt.de/mietwochen and www.getgrover.com.


Press officer at Grover

Pawel Zoneff

Tel: +49 (0)30 3465 57562



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