Paul the Robot now also welcomes Saturn customers in Berlin and Hamburg

Ingolstadt, 27.11.2017: Paul the Robot stole customers’ hearts on his debut at Saturn’s Ingolstadt store. Now Saturn is deploying its charming digital assistant in two more German cities. He’s been posted at the entrance to the Saturn stores at the Europa-Center shopping mall in Berlin and on Mönckebergstrasse in Hamburg. His jobs include welcoming customers, answering questions, and escorting customers to the products they’d like to learn more about. Paul has become a popular figure at Saturn. Over the past 12 months he’s covered 520 kilometres in the Ingolstadt store, notched up over 100,000 customer contacts – and earned plenty of admiration!

“Paul is part of our digital innovation strategy to improve the shopping experience at our Saturn stores,” explained Martin Wild, Chief Digital Officer of the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group and CEO of MediaMarktSaturn N3XT GmbH. “After successful trials in Ingolstadt, we’re delighted that Paul will now be able to greet customers not just in Bavarian but also like a local from Hamburg or Berlin!” Paul is a robot assistant which moves by itself on castors. It was developed by the IPA Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation and its spin-off Unity Robotics and has been specially modified for use in retail. Its navigation, dialogue-based communication and gestures were implemented in conjunction with Semvox and Phoenix Design.

A great talker!

Paul can talk, has memorized a wealth of precise information about Saturn’s product range, and also knows where items are displayed in his store. When customers ask him about a particular product, Paul takes them straight to the right department – although only if it’s on the same floor! If the department’s on another floor, he explains how to get there – for Paul isn’t yet able to climb stairs or use the lift. Mind you, he’s definitely got the gift of the gab! Thanks to his microphone and loudspeaker, Paul can communicate with customers by talking to them. And as well as giving them product information and telling them about the special offers and services available in-store, he even enjoys chatting about the weather! Whenever a customer requires more detailed advice, Paul summons a human employee who’s more up to the task.

Big customer attraction

Paul successfully demonstrated his various abilities in a one-year trial at Saturn’s store in Ingolstadt. For Saturn, Paul is a genuine attraction who goes down extremely well with customers and makes in-store shopping a special event. Staff at Saturn in Berlin and Hamburg are therefore really looking forward to their new digital colleague – and Advent is the ideal time for him to start! And since Paul is being given more and more new functions all the time, customers shouldn’t forget to say “Hi” to him whenever they return to the store.

Award-winning Paul!

Paul isn’t only very popular with Saturn customers – he’s also one of the prize-winners of the retail technology awards Europe (reta) 2017 for Best Customer Experience. In this category, the EHI Retail Institute presents awards to retailers using trendsetting methods and technologies to boost customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Paul won over the jury in particular with his added customer value and practical relevance.