Over 70 per cent of Saturn customers believe shopping is enhanced by AR and VR

Ingolstadt, 21.08.2017: Over 70 per cent of Saturn customers would welcome augmented reality and virtual reality solutions when shopping and believe these innovations are set to become very important in the future of retail. These were the findings of a study conducted among about 1,300 Saturn customers attending the HoloTour, which took in 20 Saturn stores between May and July 2017. Saturn organized the tour to give customers a glimpse of the future of shopping by augmenting their reality with the HoloLens – mixed reality smartglasses developed by Microsoft. A virtual avatar named Paula guided customers through the store to the products they were interested in – and then explained their features using virtual additional information and animations.

Several thousand users tried out the new technology – and about 1,300 testers took part in the HoloTour survey. The results found customers to be very receptive to this new experience, the majority declaring they could imagine going shopping in the future with the help of augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR). Here’s a quick summary of the findings:

•    About 70 per cent of the interviewees believe the in-store shopping experience would be improved by using augmented reality or virtual reality
•    70 per cent could also imagine using AR and VR when shopping at home
•    When asked what other virtual elements apart from product information would make shopping easier for them, the majority chose “Seeing products compared” and “Virtual sales assistance and conversation with the avatar”
•    Over 90 per cent of interviewees rated Saturn’s HoloTour as good or very good
•    About 60 per cent had no previous experience of augmented reality
•    Nearly all those who had already come across augmented reality were only familiar with smartphone-based AR applications

Commenting on the findings, Martin Wilde (Chief Digital Officer of the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group) had this to say: “Our study reveals great interest in augmented reality and virtual reality. The new digital technologies will make bricks-and-mortar shopping an even more individual and personalized experience.”

Paula’s next appearance: At the IFA Berlin Radio Show
By the way, those who’ve not yet managed to meet Saturn’s avatar Paula and experience augmented reality for themselves will have an opportunity to do so at this year’s IFA Berlin Radio Show from September 1st to 6th. Microsoft will be showcasing the Innoactive® Guide in Hall 13, where Paula will be presenting selected Microsoft products on an interactive tour using the HoloLens.

Saturn to unveil its new VR e-commerce shop in autumn
Saturn is also ahead of the pack as far as virtual reality is concerned. Back in late 2015, long before the introduction of VR systems in its stores in spring last year, Saturn customers were invited to try out a VR kitchen planning system. VR glasses and headsets can now be tried out at nearly all Saturn stores – and this autumn, Saturn will launch the next stage of VR by presenting its own VR e-commerce shop.