Now at all MediaMarkt stores: One in eleven purchases almost free of charge for the World Cup

Ingolstadt, 06.06.2018: Throughout Germany, anticipation is rising for the 2018 World Cup. Party utensils in black, red and gold are being dusted off, drinks put in the fridge, and everyone’s hoping above all that Germany will win the World Cup for the fifth time. But thanks to MediaMarkt, there’s cause for rejoicing even before the first match of the World Cup kicks off at Moscow’s Olympic Stadium on 14 June 2018. From 7 to 12 June, Germany’s number one consumer electronics retailer will be working up World Cup excitement with a spectacular competition. It revolves around rubbing special Rouble Scratchcards – and if you’re lucky, you might be refunded nearly all the money you’ve just spent! With one in eleven scratchcards a winner, the chances of winning are high!

The drubbing (although probably not of Germany!) will be preceded by plenty of rubbing! During this promotion, every time MediaMarkt customers buy something, they’ll receive a special Rouble Scratchcard at the checkout. Each card has four stars representing the four occasions on which Germany’s national team has already won the World Cup. Whether Germany will win in Russia for the fifth time is written in the stars, but with a little luck, you might do very well for yourself by revealing the fifth star on one of the MediaMarkt scratchcards. After all, the fifth star is hidden on every eleventh scratchcard – so plenty of fans will be leaving the store cheering!

Turn euros into roubles – and have most of your spend refunded

But what do rubbing and scratching have to do with the rouble, the Russian currency? Quite simply, if you reveal the fifth star on your card, your purchase price in euros will be turned into roubles. For example, if you have spent €899 on something, the price will change to 899 roubles, which is the equivalent of only about €11. But the difference between the price in euros and the price in roubles – in this case €888 – will be refunded by MediaMarkt in the form of gift coupons! Conversion will take place using the buying rate of Deutsche Bank from 25 May 2018, when the Russian rouble stood at 81.305 to the euro.

Present winning scratchcards immediately – redeem them by 30.09.19

Not just soccer fans will be thrilled by the campaign, because it applies to all customers – in all German MediaMarkt stores and on all purchases. The only exclusions are online purchases and online orders for collection in-store. In addition, the promotion applies however much you spend. Whether the items you bought cost 10, 100, 1,000 or 10,000 euros, anyone exposing a fifth star on their ticket can look forward to the purchase price in euros being transformed into roubles! Bear in mind that to make sure your claim doesn’t expire, you must submit the winning Rouble Scratchcard together with the original receipt straightaway or by 16 June 2018 at the latest at the MediaMarkt where you went shopping in the first place. You’ll immediately be given your gift vouchers to the amount of your winnings. Gift cards can be redeemed at any MediaMarkt in Germany until 30 September 2019. They can be used on nearly all product groups and services with just a few exceptions. However, they can’t be used for purchases from MediaMarkt’s webshop. Moreover, Rouble Scratchcard winnings can’t be combined with any other promotions.

To find out more, go to www.mediamarkt.de/de/shop/der-jubel-rollt.html.