New Saturn advertising campaign: More Tech-Nick than ever as 365-day Tech-Talk debuts!

Ingolstadt, 19.10.2015: Saturn is breaking new ground in its advertising by adding a new format to its traditional campaign featuring likeable Saturn employee Tech-Nick. In the 365-day Tech Talk on saturn.de, Antoine Monot, Jr. alias Tech-Nick will be answering the most important questions on technology in a series of entertaining clips. What’s more, he’ll be appearing every day – for a whole year! The highlight of this new campaign is that instead of Tech-Nick advising Saturn customers just by means of facial expressions and gestures, this time he’ll be speaking, too. The new advertising campaign will launch on Monday, October 19th, 2015.

Saturn’s advertising starring Tech-Nick has already been very popular for two years. But now, the slogan ‘Technical questions? Ask Tech-Nick!’ is about to be revitalized and augmented by an ‘always on’ component: Tech-Talk. At the heart of the campaign is an extensive series of videos.

For the 365-day Tech-Talk on www.saturn.de/techtalk, Tech-Nick will be in his new technology studio answering the most important technology questions in entertaining clips ranging in length from a few seconds to several minutes. To ensure variety, he’ll cover a wide range of themes from cool life hacks to rescuing flooded mobile phones, and explain technical terms in his own inimical way. He’ll also introduce new items, compare different products, and provide plenty of practical technology tips for the sorts of devices and appliances everyone has at home.

“By being even more prominent, Tech-Nick will be able to leverage his technology expertise better than ever. For Tech-Talk, we’ve been inspired by the questions asked the most frequently by our customers in-store as well as areas discussed online and innovations launched at trade shows,” explained Oliver Mehwald, managing director of redblue Marketing GmbH, Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH's in-house advertising and marketing agency, and responsible for the strategic marketing of the Saturn brand. “This is our most elaborate production yet. After all, we want to give our customers new, genuinely helpful technology tips every day for a whole year.”

In addition, six informative yet humorous television commercials up to 30 seconds long will showcase the key aspects of the Saturn experience, which apart from multichannel shopping include personal advice and individual solutions, trying out items in-store, and brand new, innovative products.

But what does Tech-Nick have to say for himself about the campaign? “I had a fantastic time in the studio, where I really got into the swing of things! I was allowed to try out the latest technology and improvise a great deal,” said actor Antoine Monot, Jr., who has played the charming Tech-Nick ever since the campaign began. “One thing I can tell you: There’s now more Tech-Nick than ever before!”

Tech-Nick on all channels

All the content was filmed by Markenfilm Crossing in its studios in the Wedel district of Hamburg as well as at the Saturn store on the city’s Mönckebergstrasse – the biggest consumer electronics market in the world. Filming was directed by Benjamin Brettschneider, Florian Friedrich and Jens Holzgrefe. As in the first two Tech-Nick campaigns, conception and creation were handled by creative agency Serviceplan Hamburg. Sehsucht Hamburg was in charge of postproduction. Meanwhile media planning for television is the responsibility of Mediaplus München.

The first TV commercial will be aired on the evening of Monday, October 19th, 2015 on all relevant TV channels. Tech-Talk will debut simultaneously on www.saturn.de/techtalk accompanied by campaign ads in the print media, on the radio, social media and at all Saturn stores.