New round of traineeships starts at MediaMarktSaturn: company joined by 33 new apprentices

Ingolstadt, 03.09.2018: The new training year got underway at MediaMarktSaturn’s headquarters in Ingolstadt today with the arrival of 33 young men and women. In addition to attractive traineeships, Europe’s leading retailer of consumer electronics also offers outstanding prospects. This is partly demonstrated by the introduction of a brand new traineeship in e-commerce being taught for the first time at MediaMarktSaturn. MediaMarktSaturn was closely involved in the initiation and development of this new occupational profile and is therefore also one of the first companies in Germany to accept e-commerce trainees.

Digitization is a key issue for the retail industry. For a long time, MediaMarktSaturn has set the bar in digitization through the integration of its MediaMarkt and Saturn bricks-and-mortar stores with its online shops and mobile channels, and has long been one of the leading providers in online retail. To further expand this pioneering role, the company increasingly requires qualified e-commerce specialists.

As a result, MediaMarktSaturn is one of the initiators of the new traineeship with the German title ‘Kauffrau/-mann im E-Commerce’ (‘e-commerce clerk’). During their apprenticeship, budding wholesale merchants are successively familiarized with the various areas within the e-commerce operations of MediaMarkt and Saturn in Germany. As Birgit Popp, Head of Personnel and Organizational Development at MediaMarktSaturn Germany, explains: “Given increasing digitization, the retail sector is changing rapidly. This places new demands not only on us as a company but also on our employees. It was therefore important to us to create a well-defined job description with corresponding training requirements for aspiring e-commerce experts, who will play a crucial role in the digital commerce of the future.”

Moreover, MediaMarktSaturn is also the first choice among young talents in traditional traineeships. In addition to the 8 e-commerce trainees, the other apprentices joining the company’s headquarters in Ingolstadt will undergo training in the areas of office management (14), IT (10) and taxation (1). They can all look forward to a varied, challenging training period. Birgit Popp added: “For this training year, we’ve found 33 dedicated young professionals who are enthusiastic about digital matters, are interested in retail, and enjoy working with tech. We’re very much looking forward to supporting their professional development over the next few years.”