Men and their periodic mood swings: Representative poll confirms the phenomenon of ‘man periods’

Ingolstadt, 29.10.2018: It’s quite amazing what different images come to mind when people are asked to think of ‘man periods’. For actor Sophia Thomalla, it’s a naked man with a flushed face and a paunch. And for her colleague Ralf Richter, it’s an old, wrinkly creature looking like the very embodiment of depression. Hang on a minute – ‘man periods’? Yes, that’s right! According to a representative survey carried out by Kantar EMNID on behalf of MediaMarkt published in time for Men’s World Day on 3 November, nearly two thirds of German men (64%) regularly or occasionally experience mood swings, a phenomenon also known as man periods.

Representative poll confirms the phenomenon of ‘man periods’: In this nationwide campaign, among others Sophia Thomalla are therefore campaigning for more sympathy when it comes to ‘man periods’

The results of the poll conducted for MediaMarkt by Kantar EMNID are clear: 64% of men in Germany personally suffer from regular or occasional mood swings – including in 55% of respondents at least once a month. Those particularly affected are 25–34-year-olds (72%) as well as males in the regions of Lower Saxony (75%) and Bavaria (71%).

Falling testosterone levels put men in a bad mood

“Mood swings are often referred to as typically ‘female’. ‘Stop making a fuss’ is what we supposedly considerate men tend to say,” declared Dr Johannes Wimmer, a familiar face on German TV. “But we should take a good look at ourselves more often, for us men are often irritable and moody, too – sometimes even more than once a month!” And the doctor went on to explain the reason: “It’s usually all down to the hormone called testosterone,” he said. “If the testosterone level drops, for example due to stress, men’s moods drop, too. So, ladies: have mercy on him!”

What’s more, women haven’t failed to notice ‘man periods’, as the study reveals:

50% of women in Germany have observed them in their male partners monthly or even more frequently – and 28% of women have noticed their male partners undergoing negative mood swings multiple times a month

And how do men feel at this time?

Over half of males (52%) feel irritable during their man periods
45% of men admit to being moody during man periods and 41% would prefer to spend the whole day in bed

“Which is the stronger sex?” Women’s view of man periods

But how do women react when their menfolk are having an off-day? Take it seriously or ignore it? Nearly 30% of women get cross when men start acting up like this and pay no attention to them. Although actor and campaign testimonial Sophia Thomalla doesn’t get angry, as she revealed to MediaMarkt, she does adopt the strategy of ignoring it. “I don’t feel at all responsible for doing anything to make your husband feel better. I leave mine well alone. As far as I’m concerned, he can play video games or watch porn. I do my own thing.”

Equally clear is the result regarding which gender is generally considered more self-pitying. Astonishingly, two out of three women (66%) believe that men are, despite being the ‘stronger sex’. Mind you, a third of men (34%) also share this view. But is it true? “Men tend to feel sorrier for themselves than women, at least when it comes to colds,” said Dr Wimmer. “There’s actually a scientific explanation for this, for the male immune system is less effective at combating viruses and bacteria than the female one.” Thank goodness women are compassionate: nearly a quarter of women (24%) show understanding for men’s emotional instability at times like this and become especially affectionate.

How best to deal with a man period? TV, loud music or porn?

So what helps men when they’re having an off-day? Relaxation, entertainment, tech, sports and beer. For example, men like to spend days like this on the sofa watching television (30%), turning up the music loud (29%) or watching pornography (12%). Other things that lift the mood are buying the latest game and playing it in peace and quiet (12%) or watching a new action or horror movie (11%). One in four men also meet up with friends for a few beers during their ‘man periods’, while one in five pump iron in the gym or go jogging.

Relaxation stimulates the release of happiness hormones

Men aren’t far off the mark, in fact, for it’s exactly these remedies which are prescribed by Dr Wimmer on diagnosing ‘man periods’. “There are a few things you can do for a bad mood. Simply lazing around watching TV is especially helpful. Or going shopping. And no, I don’t mean buying clothes and stuff but above all proper men’s things like a new cordless screwdriver or a new tablet.” Why? “Relaxation stimulates the release of happiness hormones,” explains Dr Wimmer. “So come on, men: on with the telly, off with your bad mood!”

It’s all about you having fun!

Being Germany’s number one consumer electronics retailer, MediaMarkt is more than just understanding when it comes to ‘man periods’. In this nationwide campaign, Sophia Thomalla and Ralf Richter are therefore campaigning for more sympathy. And sensational special offers during the promotion will put a smile on every long-suffering man-period face in line with MediaMarkt’s slogan: “It’s all about you having fun!”

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