MediaMarktSaturn strengthens management and technology expertise

Ingolstadt, 17 April 2018: MediaMarktSaturn is strengthening its operational management. With immediate effect, Wolfgang Kirsch will be focusing entirely on the operational management of the international MediaMarktSaturn Group in his role as COO. At the same time, he will hand over the reins of the German country organizations to Ditmar Krusenbaum. Meanwhile, Atul Bhardwaj has been appointed the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), succeeding Karel Dörner, who has held this role provisionally since July 2017.

“MediaMarktSaturn is in the midst of the transformation turning us from a pure product retailer into the ‘partner, daily companion and navigator for consumers in the digital world’,” explained CEO Pieter Haas. “Bringing this mission to life requires above all the consistent implementation of our strategy and our value drivers so that we can grow rapidly under our own steam.”

In order to ensure consistent implementation as a single-source solution, Wolfgang Kirsch has now assumed responsibility for the entire international operating business. This is to include brand management, purchasing and the supply chain as well as IT. “Concentrating operational management in this way will guarantee the stringent, consistent execution of all measures to implement our strategy. I am particularly pleased about having responsibility for the IT area,” declared Wolfgang Kirsch. “This is absolutely vital, because IT and technology provide the basis for modern-day processes in sales, marketing, purchasing and the supply chain.” Klaus-Peter Voigt will remain responsible for international procurement as Executive Vice-President and CPO. Wolfgang Kirsch is in charge of purchasing in the management.

Ditmar Krusenbaum has taken charge of business in Germany. “He’s a very accomplished retail and industry expert. Thanks to him, the German country organization will in future be headed by someone who, with his experience, successes and strategic understanding, is ideal for successfully managing, developing and, where necessary, modifying our German business,” said Pieter Haas.

Krusenbaum, previously a manager at BoschSiemens, has until now been the CEO of MediaMarktSaturn’s Austrian subsidiary. He has been with the company since 2011. Before taking charge of business in Austria, he was initially responsible for Imtron GmbH, which develops the group’s own brands.

Atul Bhardwaj, the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), comes from UK food retailer Tesco, where he worked as the CIO on a global level. Previously he was a partner at Accenture. He has more than ten years of experience in both transformation and multichannel retailing, hence guaranteeing the continuation of the Technology Transformation already underway. Provisional CTO Karel Dörner will remain with the company for a transition period in an advisory capacity.