MediaMarktSaturn Germany paves the way for its future management structure

  • Florian Gietl (hitherto CEO Austria) takes the helm of MediaMarktSaturn Germany as CEO and COO
  • Management of MediaMarktSaturn Germany reshuffled and streamlined

Ingolstadt, 27. November 2018 – MediaMarktSaturn Germany has set the course for the sustainable reorganization and streamlining of its management team. Florian Gietl (42), until now CEO of the Austrian country organization, has assumed strategic and operative responsibility for MediaMarktSaturn Germany as both CEO and COO for the two sales brands with immediate effect. He succeeds Ditmar Krusenbaum as CEO, who is leaving the company by mutual agreement to retire. The creation of the new dual function of CEO and COO obviates the need for separate CEO positions for the two sales brands MediaMarkt and Saturn in the management team of MediaMarktSaturn Germany. Remko Rijnders, formerly COO Saturn, has taken on the role of COO Purchasing and Supply Chain, replacing Mirko Nägele and also Lennart Wehrmeier (previously COO MediaMarkt), both of whom are leaving the company. Apart from Gietl and Rijnders, the other two members of MediaMarktSaturn Germany’s management team are Marius Lückemeyer (CDO) and Florian Wieser (CFO).

As COO of the Austrian country organization, Florian Gietl has been largely responsible for the success and positive development of the MediaMarkt and Saturn sales brands on this national market since 2011. In April this year, he was appointed CEO Austria, taking over from Ditmar Kusenbaum following his switch to become CEO of MediaMarktSaturn Germany.

Ferran Reverter, Managing Director of the MediaMarkt Saturn Retail Group, had this to say: “The year 2018 has been a challenging year for MediaMarktSaturn Germany. Our strategic initiatives, such as online and customer services, have not been implemented quickly and consistently enough. Although progress has been made, we need to accelerate and increase our focus and efficiency.

We would like to thank the departing colleagues for their dedication and achievements. Ditmar Krusenbaum, as CEO of MediaMarktSaturn Germany, successfully paved the way for the renewal and transformation of MediaMarktSaturn Germany within just a short time. He reorganized the management structure at the headquarters in Ingolstadt, and developed and launched several important initiatives to accelerate the necessary changes and reinforce cost control. I would also like to thank the two outgoing COOs, Lennart Wehrmeier and Mirko Nägele, both of whom made important contributions to strengthening our business performance. We are pleased to announce that as CEO and COO, Florian Gietl will use his substantial operational expertise to reinforce and accelerate the further development of our sales brands with consistent focus and can already seamlessly build on the activities of his departing colleagues during the pre-Christmas business. Gietl is the logical solution to the challenges ahead of us. He knows the German market, is familiar with both brands, was himself a store manager, and was responsible for purchasing and our own brands in the holding company in Ingolstadt. He champions transformation, digitalization and implementation. His successes in Austria were remarkable, and we expect the same impetus from him for our business in Germany.”