MediaMarkt launches Quick Start service for the initial setup of technical devices

Ingolstadt, 24.07.2018: Does updating software give you nightmares or moving data from one device to another bring you out in a cold sweat? According to the D21 Digital Index 2017/2018, an annual study of the degree of digitization of society, one in three Germans has problems when it comes to setting up new technical devices. But help is now available from MediaMarkt with its new Quick Start service. Ranging from the initial setup of laptops, tablets, smartphones, satnavs and game consoles through email configuration and software updates to fitting screen protectors on smartphones, the new Quick Start services available in all 274 MediaMarkt stores nationwide save customers not just time but also hassle – and mean they can start using their new devices straightaway.

Whenever we buy a brand new gadget and take it home, our excitement frequently turns to frustration when we switch it on, only to be greeted by a series of mysterious messages and warnings – they’re enough to give anyone a nervous breakdown! Any new device, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, first needs to be set up, personalized and protected. The more complex the technology, the more data needs to be transferred – and hence the longer a device will take to set up. And as the recent study D21 Digital Index 2017/2018 reveals, one in three Germans (including more than half of females) are unable to set up a new technical device by themselves.

Quick Start saves time and hassle

Fortunately, MediaMarkt has an answer to the questions and problems of many exasperated new device owners: Quick Start! Customers who opt for this service receive a device which has been fully set up with the latest software update available – including (if required and depending on the device) with an anti-virus program installed and their contacts imported from their previous device. Another service provided is the application of a screen protector for smartphones – something which MediaMarkt warmly recommends as a way of saving money! After all, according to a study carried out in 2017, smartphones without a screen protector are twice as likely to get broken as phones with one. However, correctly fitting a screen protector on modern devices with rounded edges is an extremely fiddly business, so avoid the aggravation by having it done by a Quick Start expert. In next to no time, your new smartphone will have a reliable, neatly applied screen protector.

Incidentally, owners of new satnavs or game consoles can also benefit from Quick Start. Spending hours updating maps or laboriously configuring controllers is a thing of the past thanks to Quick Start.

MediaMarkt’s Quick Start services at a glance

Quick Start service



Quick Start STANDARD – laptop PC

Initial setup of the laptop including setting up the local user account and installing the latest system updates (including final functional check) €29,00
Quick Start COMFORT – laptop PC Services contained in the Standard package plus setting up an existing email account and the installation of a piece of software bought in-store €49,00
Quick Start COMFORT – software for a laptop PC Installation of each additional piece of software bought in-store €19,00
Quick Start STANDARD – smartphone/tablet Initial setup of smartphone or tablet including setting up a Google or iOS account, installation of the latest software updates (including final functional check) €25,00

Quick Start COMFORT – smartphone/tablet

Services contained in the Standard package plus data transfer from previous to new device €35,00
Smartphone screen protector

Professional application of an Artwizz screen protector on a standard smartphone screen* (price includes screen protector)

* Edge/curved smartphones: €39.90


Quick Start – satnav

Initial setup of satnav: firmware update, registration with manufacturer, updating maps (including final functional check) €19,00

Quick Start – games console

Initial setup of PlayStation 4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch, software updates if available, controller registration (including functional check)




To find out more, visit www.mediamarkt.de/de/shop/service/startklar.html