MediaMarkt launches installation service for robotic lawnmowers

Ingolstadt, 06.05.2019: The garden is a place to escape from the stress of everyday life, the owner’s pride and joy, and for many a real alternative to going on holiday. True, this green oasis requires regular maintenance. But more and more garden-owners are now opting for a robotic lawnmower. However, before it can do its job properly, a certain amount of preparation is necessary. And this can now be done conveniently and inexpensively by MediaMarkt! Just in time for the start of the gardening season, MediaMarkt has launched a professional installation service for robotic lawnmowers. In addition to assembly and set-up, it includes the professional layout of the boundary and guide wire. A flat rate is charged for this new service based on the size of the lawn.

Robotic lawnmowers are starting to quietly move again – and boy, are they quiet! – in Germany’s gardens as they return to work without a word of complaint. More and more garden-owners are now leaving cutting the grass to these clever robots. Their advantages are obvious, for as well as being labour-saving devices, they’re easy on the neighbours’ nerves since loud motors are now a thing of the past. Above all, the lawn always looks immaculate and is healthier, too, thanks to the constant fertilization provided by the short grass clippings. The triumphal rise of the robotic lawnmower is also reflected by the growing range at MediaMarkt, which now stocks a large number of different models from leading brands.

New installation service available for all makes of robotic lawnmowers

Customers can now also take advantage of MediaMarkt’s new installation service for robotic lawnmowers. It’s available for any brand and covers all the work required to get the lawnmower up and running in your garden. This includes unpacking and assembling the robot, integrating smart lawnmowers into the home network, laying the boundary and guide wire – above or below ground level as required – as well as a test run and a demo of how it works. The service also covers professional advice after installation if any queries or problems arise. The fee is €349 for a lawn up to 300 square metres in size, €449 for up to 700 square metres, and €549 for up to 1,500 square metres. An individual price can also be quoted for larger areas. Note that the cost of installation materials isn’t included in the price.

This new service can be booked in any MediaMarkt store or by calling +49 (0)3634 3404199 (Monday to Friday, 8am–5pm) to make an appointment within the next two weeks. This installation service is offered by MediaMarkt in conjunction with MediaMarktSaturn’s subsidiary the RTS Service Group.