MediaMarkt and Saturn now offer home visits by tech consultants

Ingolstadt, 11 July 2018 – We’re all familiar with the problem: you’ve got your latest gadget at home, but when you try to get it going, it doesn’t seem to do what you want it to! How do you connect a smart TV to the internet? How do you get your printer to talk to your laptop over your Wi-Fi? And talking of Wi-Fi, why’s your broadband so slow? Questions, questions… Luckily, help is at hand – for now MediaMarkt and Saturn can arrange home assistance. Just call +49 800 033 8323 and they’ll come around at a time which suits you, perform installation and start-up, and explain in straightforward terms how your new device works. An hour of assistance costs €69 including travel. For more information, ask at your local MediaMarkt or Saturn store, or go online to www.mediamarkt.de or www.saturn.de.

In the age of digitization and networking, we all have smart electronic devices with us the whole day long. They enable unlimited communication, simplify our work, are a big help in the home and invaluable in our free time. However, the technology behind them is becoming increasingly complex. Whether installing a new TV, connecting a printer or setting up a home network, only few of us manage to get it right straightaway or know how to help ourselves whenever problems arise during use. Moreover, installing a new device and finding out how to work it can be a lengthy business – and if you’re out at work all day, your time is at a premium!

This is where the new service from MediaMarkt and Saturn comes in. Instead of struggling with a hundred pages or more of instructions, all it takes is a quick phone call (number: +49 800 033 8323) to make an appointment – and shortly afterwards, your tech superhero will be on your doorstep! What’s great about these engineers is that as well as being well versed in modern technology, they’re also trained to explain complex matters without technical jargon. MediaMarkt’s and Saturn’s partner for this service is the firm Deutsche Technikberatung, which has a network of proficient tech consultants throughout Germany. They provide individual help for all kinds of technical problems regardless of the device’s brand, manufacturer, type or age. This means you can seek assistance from Deutsche Technikberatung not just for initial setup, but also regarding problems with existing equipment.

By offering tech assistance at home, MediaMarkt and Saturn are underlining their goal to be always on hand for their customers as local electronics retailers and to offer them unbeatable service. This is also demonstrated by the fair price charged: an hour of technical assistance costs just €69 including travel, with any additional time required charged in 15-minute units.

Full details of the services provided by Deutsche Technikberatung can be obtained from your local MediaMarkt or Saturn store as well as online at www.mediamarkt.de or www.saturn.de.