MediaMarkt and Saturn compete against each with the aid of Boris Becker and other stars

  • “Germany wants to find out”: MediaMarkt and Saturn challenge each other to a humorous ‘battle of the brands’ in an entertaining campaign
  • Celebrities and members of the public show the advantages and services offered by the two retailers
  • Campaign starts throughout Germany on 28 October

Ingolstadt, 28.10.2019: Ketchup or mayonnaise, beard or clean-shaven, City or United? There are some things in life where it’s impossible to sit on the fence! At MediaMarkt and Saturn, too, customers’ tastes sometimes differ. It’s for precisely this reason that the two tech retailers are now launching an unprecedented battle. The two brands are competing against each other in their first-ever joint marketing campaign. Under the slogan “Germany wants to find out”, they’re asking the general public which of them is better. Of course, this couldn’t be done without a powerful team of prominent supporters. MediaMarkt is represented by Barbara Schöneberger, Peter Zwegat and Julien Bam, while Team Saturn is championed by Boris Becker, Pietro Lombardi and Bibi. The celebrities’ technical problems and needs are solved in a series of funny TV and online commercials while members of the public such as kindergarten teachers with piles of dirty laundry and elderly gamers also appear. Naturally, these everyday difficulties are quickly and easily overcome by MediaMarkt or Saturn thanks to flexible buying options and numerous customer services. One special aspect of the campaign is that as well as the celebrities sharing the excitement, Germany as a whole can take part. Anyone can enter a video featuring their very personal tech challenge for the two retailers on the microsites www.mediamarkt.de/istbesser and www.saturn.de/istbesser – and with a little luck have MediaMarkt or Saturn solve their problem for them. Let battle commence!

Barbara Schöneberger, Germany’s most famous TV presenter, is seen in a bathtub full of foam. She’s epilating her leg when suddenly disaster strikes – she drops her epilator into the lather with one leg still unfinished! Luckily, rescue is close at hand: Barbara can quickly order a replacement online from MediaMarkt and collect it in-store shortly afterwards. How fortunate that Barbara only suffers this mishap in the TV commercial!

In the battle of the brands between MediaMarkt and Saturn, Barbara Schöneberger shows on behalf of Team MediaMarkt how easy it is to order items online and pick them up at your nearest store. And she also demonstrates her strong sense of humour. “I can laugh about lots of things, most of all at myself!” she says. “I think laughing at yourself is the best way to start, and then you can laugh about everything else!” This is also the reason why she’s taking part in the campaign: “There aren’t many really funny adverts on German TV, so I was delighted to play a lead role in such a creative, hilarious commercial,” explains Barbara Schöneberger. “And although being blonde I’m obviously not as hairy as a Monchhichi doll, shaving my legs always goes off smoothly thanks to MediaMarkt!” she laughs.

This humorous take on themselves is what makes Barbara and the other stars perfect for the campaign starting nationwide on 28 October. At the heart of the competition are eight entertaining commercials in which Saturn and MediaMarkt prove they have just the right service solution for every technical problem and every wish.

MediaMarkt’s and Saturn’s services: Game, set and match!

Tennis legend Boris Becker is also courting viewers in this ‘battle of the best’, cheering on Saturn with a good dose of self-irony. In his TV advert, Boris keeps his nerve, just as he used to out on the tennis court – and also nowadays as a competitive poker player. With a lollipop and an ace in his hand, he clears a mountain of cash off the table and starts stuffing it into the pockets of his trousers and jacket. But what’s he going to do next with all the money? Instead of frittering it away, Boris gets himself a currency-counting machine. He orders it online and pays for it in-store – with his winnings, of course. So why is he taking part in the campaign? “Being a sportsman, competition is naturally in my blood,” the star explains. “And since I can easily laugh at myself, the advert suits me very well.”

The other celebrities also use plenty of humour to cheer on MediaMarkt and Saturn in their TV commercials. In addition, two more adverts extend the rivalry to everyday places – a childcare centre and a retirement home.

Anyone can join in: Who’s better, who’s best?

The best thing, however, is that MediaMarkt and Saturn are inviting everyone in Germany to enter the competition. On the microsites www.mediamarkt.de/istbesser and www.saturn.de/istbesser, you can upload a video with your very own challenge for the two retailers – and with a little luck win a solution to the problem shown. Two challenges will be tackled each month: one by MediaMarkt and the other by Saturn. Their efforts will be filmed and shown on the respective microsites.

Until the end of April 2020, Germany as a whole can try to work out which of these two tech retailers is better than the other. Judging by the main characters in the adverts, the result is obviously a draw. But in the end, customers can decide for themselves where they prefer to shop – and they can look forward to numerous advantages and customer services from both MediaMarkt and Saturn!

TV spot "Germany wants to find out", Boris Becker for SATURN

TV spot "Germany wants to find out", Barbara Schöneberger for MediaMarkt