MediaMarkt and Saturn abolish plastic bags: Sales of plastic bags throughout Germany to cease from April 1st, 2017

Ingolstadt, 6.3.17: From April 2017, MediaMarkt and Saturn will stop selling plastic bags throughout Germany. Since 2014, more and more Saturn and MediaMarkt stores have no longer handed out free plastic bags and opted to levy a small charge for them instead. And at the start of 2015, Germany’s biggest consumer electronics retailer stopped giving out plastic bags free of charge everywhere and joined the voluntary commitment of the HDE German Retail Association. 

“As a result of the switch, we’ve already made a significant contribution to reducing plastic waste and have slashed the consumption of carrier bags at MediaMarkt and Saturn in Germany by more than 90 per cent. This equates to about 60 million bags per year. It’s a clear success for the environment,” explained Klaus-Guido Jungwirth, COO MediaMarktSaturn Germany. And now MediaMarkt and Saturn are going one step further: “From April 1st, 2017, we’re getting rid of plastic bags altogether. Instead, we’ll be offering our customers the greenest option: our carrier bags for life,” continued Klaus-Guido Jungwirth. These sturdy, durable PET bags are available in various sizes at the check-outs of all MediaMarkt and Saturn stores in Germany. They consist of up to 85 per cent recycled material and can be exchanged for new ones at any MediaMarkt or Saturn store once they’ve been worn out.

Apart from their great appearance, recycled PET bags are much more environmentally friendly than conventional carrier bags. They’re robust, water-resistant, and are even preferable to cotton bags. After all, according to environmental and consumer protection association DHU, cotton bags have to be used ten time more than reusable PET bags in order to have the same low carbon footprint.

After April 1st, individual MediaMarkt and Saturn stores’ last remaining stocks of plastic bags will be sold during a transition period lasting until the end of 2017.