Media-Saturn unveils partners and timetable of SPACELAB tech accelerator

München, 02.10.2015: SPACELAB, the Media-Saturn tech accelerator for start-ups in consumer electronics retail, unveiled the curriculum of its 20-week programme. The ‘business school for start-ups’ starting on November 16th, 2015 will comprise three stages: analysis of the market situation and market environment; the planning and implementation of important business aspects from marketing strategy to logistics and sales; and the preparation of pitches for investors and customers. In addition to Media-Saturn, the participating entrepreneurs will be supported by 13 top companies from industry and consulting as well as more than 40 high-calibre mentors, who will be giving participants the benefit of their expertise through individual coaching. Young start-ups have until October 11th, 2015 to apply to join SPACELAB on www.ms-spacelab.com.

Pre-Accelerator Days: Selection of candidates

In order to qualify, applications must have a minimum viable product or business model, a complete start-up team, and be relevant to Media-Saturn’s value chain. During the Pre-Accelerator Days from October 24th to 27th, the most promising applicants will introduce themselves to the SPACELAB team and the mentors. The candidates selected there will receive financial investment and be invited to move into the SPACELAB office in Munich for the duration of the accelerator programme.

Stage 1: Analysis

The 20-week coaching programme will get underway on November 16th, 2015. In the first four to six weeks from November 16th, 2015, work will focus on analysis. The market and its development will be examined with experts from GfK. And the SPACELAB participants will also analyse and sharpen their business strategies and financial planning with top companies like Accenture and EY.

Stage 2: Planning and implementation

The following seven to nine weeks will revolve around planning and execution. Prestigious companies such as HARMAN, Media-Saturn’s own-brand specialist Imtron, GS1 Germany, ATKearney and Nexinto will be providing advice on how to optimize product design and set up an efficient IT infrastructure. Moreover, SPACELAB will draw on extensive expertise in marketing, too. Internationally experienced agencies like Serviceplan and Media-Saturn’s in-house marketing agency Redblue will help participants sharpen their brand management and develop marketing plans, creative designs and styles. Valuable expertise in the areas of CRM, logistics, sales and listing will be provided by partners such as Payback, Barkawi and Aqipa.

Stage 3: Pitch

In the final two weeks of the programme, the candidates will be able to fully concentrate on preparing their pitches. With professional assistance provided by actor Antoine Monot, Jr. and presentation experts, they will learn how to successfully present their product or business model to potential investors, both orally and in writing. The finale of the accelerator programme will be ‘Demo Day’ in late April 2016, when the SPACELAB candidates will pitch their businesses to a range of potential investors, opinion leaders and customers.