Media-Saturn staff donate €80,000 to charities in the Ingolstadt region

Ingolstadt, 22.03.2016: Today, Media-Saturn distributed a total of around €80,000 to 31 charitable organizations based in the Ingolstadt region on behalf of its employees. The money had been raised at the annual Christmas raffle.

“The high amount of money collected underlines just how deeply rooted the company and its employees are in the region,” declared Pieter Haas, CEO of Media-Saturn-Holding, when the money was presented at Ingolstadt’s Old Town Hall. “On the one hand, once again we’ve been able to help institutions like Hollerhaus, which we’ve been supporting for years. On the other hand, we’re also funding new charities, including some where our staff are also actively involved.” During the ceremony, the Mayor of Ingolstadt, Dr Christian Lösel, thanked the donors and volunteers for supporting the beneficiary organizations. He added: “It’s important for our city that employers and the public serve the common good. Media-Saturn’s employees have been doing this admirably for many years with their Christmas raffle.”

The money was raised through the sale of tickets for the company’s annual raffle. Receiving amounts ranging from €2,000 to €10,000, the 31 charities chosen care for the sick and needy and also perform welfare work for children and teenagers in the Ingolstadt region.

A complete list of the beneficiary organizations is contained in the annex to this press release.

Annex: The following 31 organizations received donations from Media-Saturn.

The sum of €10,000 was presented to:

  • Hollerhaus Ingolstadt (centre for people with physical and multiple disabilities)
    Represented by Maria Segerer and Reinhard Mußemann

The sum of €5,000 was presented to each of the following:

  • Ingolstadt Alzheimer’s Society
    Represented by Professor Wolfgang Hartmann
  • Ingenium Foundation for People with Dementia
    Represented by Professor Winfried Teschauer
  • Families in Need Association
    Represented by Sibylle Hertel and Angelika Stadler

The sum of €2,000 was presented to each of the following:

  • AWO Special Needs Day Care Centre
    Represented by Veronika Gruber and Kristin Hölle
  • AWO Social Therapy Centres
    Represented by Ralph Bartoscheck
  • Sternenhaus Integrated Nursery School and Crèche (Bavarian Red Cross)
    Represented by Martina Hermann and Johanna Frey
  • Elisa Familiennachsorge (support for families with very sick children)
    Represented by Lisa Friedl-Gerich
  • Protestant Youth Welfare Friends’ Association
    Represented by Monika Koschemann and Mehmet Celik
  • Women's Counselling Centre Friends’ Association
    Represented by Rosemarie Creusen and Gudrun Sticht-Schretzenmayr
  • Emmi Böck School Friends’ Association
    Represented by Patricia Kettner, Tanja Köpf and Axel Linhardt
  • Sophie Scholl School Friends’ Association
    Represented by Manuela Meilinger
  • Support Association for Cancer Patients in the Ingolstadt Region
    Represented by Sabine Hillmann and Christa Jesske
  • Educational Centre at Haus Miteinander (centre for youngsters with behavioural issues)
    Represented by Ramona Scheibe and Philip Hockerls
  • Neuburg-Schrobenhausen Hospice Association
    Represented by Walburga Roth and Elisabeth Stöckl
  • Ingolstädter Tafel (food bank)
    Represented by Brigitte Fuchs
  • Insel (assistance for people with mental disorders)
    Represented by Inge Kunze Bechstädt and Karin Mahncke
  • Integra Soziale Dienste gemeinnützige GmbH (social services)
    Represented by Anja Moosheimer and Daniela Hofmann
  • Johann Nepomuk von Kurz School
    Represented by Frau Hopfengärtner
  • KlinikClowns Bayern (hospital clowns)
    Represented by Lui Klassen
  • MS Selbsthilfegruppe Sonnenschein (multiple sclerosis self-help group)
    Represented by Marion Kellerer and Oliver Kellerer
  • Regenbogen (assistance for people with mental disorders)
    Represented by Ulrike Suffel-Rinkl
  • Regens Wagner Stiftung Hohenwart (centre for people with disabilities)
    Represented by Willi Käser
  • SGH Down Kind – Ingolstadt und Umgebung (parents of children with Down’s syndrome)
    Represented by Sacha Oppelcz
  • Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen (welfare for Catholic women)
    Represented by Elisabeth Zöpfl and Eva-Maria Kipfelsberger
  • Stadtjugendring Sozialfonds Ingolstadt (youth welfare)
    Represented by Andreas Utz and Stefan Mosetz
  • Straßenambulanz St. Franziskus (welfare centre for the homeless)
    Represented by Bruder Martin
  • Verein ‘Hilfe für das behinderte Kind’ (aid for disabled children)
    Represented by Franz Schreyer and Anton Steinberger
  • Verein Jugendhilfe Region 10 (youth welfare)
    Represented by Derya Basal
  • Wilhelm Ernst Primary School
    Represented by Barbara Kral
  • Zamor (counselling centre following stroke and brain injury)
    Represented by Regina Waldmüller.