Media-Saturn launches its own mobile phone tariffs

Ingolstadt, 25.07.2014: With Media Markt and Saturn it is now possible to surf the Internet on your mobile, send text messages and make phone calls at low rates. Starting 25 July 2014, Germany's leading consumer electronics retailers are offering their customers a prepaid volume-based tariff for smartphone owners. The "Media Markt Smartphone Tariff" and "Saturn Smartphone Tariff" are not only interesting from a price point of view: For a monthly flat rate of 8.99 euros, customers receive an attractive overall package comprising telephony, text messaging and data use – all in top D-network quality. It is intended that other tariffs will be added to the offering for smartphone owners. For example, the launch of a data tariff is planned for late summer. The tariffs are available at the consumer electronics chain's conventional stores and in its online shops.

"Media-Saturn is the market leader when it comes to selling mobile devices. This opens up additional potential for added value that we want to use so that we can further enhance our position as service experts," explains Wolfgang Kirsch, CEO of Media-Saturn Deutschland GmbH. "The service sector is already playing an important role for both Media Markt and Saturn. But we are working on expanding this area via new offerings and partnerships. The decision to now add our own tariffs to the mix is therefore a logical step."

Media Markt and Saturn are relying on the proven D-network for their smartphone tariff and are thus targeting particular users to whom very good network quality and data speed are very important. Their cooperation partner for the smartphone tariff is mobilcom-debitel. "We share a long-standing and successful partnership with mobilcom-debitel. It was therefore natural for us to rely on this established partnership when it came to launching our own tariffs," says Wolfgang Kirsch.

Complete cost control for only 8.99 euros a month

The starter package for the Media Markt and Saturn Smartphone Tariff is available at a price of 9.99 euros, including a credit balance of 10 euros. The monthly flat rate is 8.99 euros. This includes 300 free minutes (calls to the German fixed-line network and all German mobile networks) or text messages, which can be distributed as desired over all the networks. Customers also receive a data volume of 300 MB per month (up to 7.2 Mbit/s) for mobile surfing. The smartphone tariffs for families and friends are particularly attractive since the community flat rate means that calls and text messages exchanged between the respective tariff customers are free of charge.

Two additional options are included in the launch:  Once the monthly data volume has been exhausted, it is possible to book an additional Internet flat rate with 500 MB for just 9.99 euros a month. The international option allows international calls to be made at a particularly attractive rate of 1.99 euros a month. Payment of the monthly flat rate is also easy and convenient: Customers can purchase a top-up code with a value of 9 euros, 19 euros or 29 euros directly at any Media Markt or Saturn store. Alternatively, they can set up a top-up account and add to the balance by telephone, online or automatically.

The Media Markt and Saturn Smartphone Tariff at a glance:

  • Starter package, including a credit balance of 10 euros, for 9.99 euros
  • Monthly flat rate for 8.99 euros
  • 300 minutes or text messages included (unit freely selectable), then 9 cents per min./text message
  • Community flat rate: calls and text messages within the Media Markt or Saturn community, as applicable, free of charge
  • Data volume of 300 MB (up to 7.2 Mbit/s)
  • D-network quality